Fast Social Marketing Results by Lynn Terry Review Part 1 – Your Complete Social Media Marketing Plan

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Yesterday I bought Fast Social Marketing Results by Lynn Terry because Tiffany Lambert recommended it on her blog. If it gets Tiffany’s recommendation that is a very good sign in my book and I think it is something worthwhile getting.

It is not a YouTube course (my supposed focus) but a Social Marketing course and I think it may work well with Erica Stone’s Flip Your World strategies, one of the courses I’m implementing. But it is a course on getting traffic from places not dependent on Google.

On to The Sales Page

Although I can understand that there are some great benefits from social Media I’m not really a fan of it. I’d class myself as an introvert and see time spent on it as a bit of a waste – this could be me showing my age.

The headline helps to alleviate the time factor stating you only need to spend 15-30 minutes a day on Social Media and get traffic and grow my business. Sounds good to me.

I don’t know anything about Lynn Terry so the next part is of interest about her length of time on the internet. It’s short and there is no bragging.

It then moves quickly through the importance of social media and that you are going to get strategies to take advantage of it.

Next you get a list of what you will get with the course. Great to see this near the top and not hidden in the bottom or not really described at all.

There’s video training, a main guide, checklists and importantly ongoing support. I like the idea of being able to ask questions and getting tips on an ongoing basis. You get hands-on help developing a social media plan to make the most of your efforts. See description here.

As I “cheated” here and went to the bottom of the page, I know it’s a one off payment and not a recurring charge. Even better news.

Next its about seeing real live examples of social media and how Lynn Terry got real results and understanding how to reach your target market and grow your follwers and fansfast.

In addition to that mentioned above you get to attend the live webinar sessions. This is quite a big package of stuff and the testimonials included say how good the the webinars are.

She moves on to saying to check her out and see what others say about her on the internet. I got that upfront when Tiffany Lambert recommended her. So I am already sold on her.

Next is the price, looks reasonable. As said above I bought the course because I believe it will help me expand one of my niche sites I’m using the Flip Your World techniques on.

The Buying Process

This is straightforward through the JV Zoo platform and Paypal. There are no upsells, You enter your name and email address to get your links to the course.

What’s inside the course

There is:

Video Training – A 2 hour recording of a live event
A link to join the Social Marketing Results Community
The Social Marketing Guide – A 63 page pdf
6 checklists, an objective worksheet and an action list
A total of 6 webinars (4 are recordings) the 5th one is scheduled for November 5th

I’m going to start by going through the main Social Media Marketing Guide.

Page 4 discusses the importance of a plan and in making sure time spent on social media isn’t just a waste of time.

Page 6 I agree with the point about getting traffic and not being dependent on just one source and how social media can help in preventing the disaster that can happen when too reliant on one source. I know this only too well after my experiences with Google.

Following on there are tips on how to get your email list more engaged on social media with examples of how Lynn did it.

She makes an important distinction about social media marketing that goes for any business online and that is its about your customers and not you.

The guide talks about whether you want to separate your personal and business profiles. Then it is on to the 5 profiles you should set up at least and making sure oyu choose your name wisely – good advice.

There is talk all through the guide that it’s not about how many followers and fans but their engagement. It’s not about how big or quick but promoting your business in a positive way.

Next we’re on to the how to.Some good tips here on interacing weith other people within your niche and getting seen by more people interested in your topic.

There is a recommendation for a free tool to keep up to date with posts on Facebook. Looks interesting.

Also on same page is about using social media as a way to research your market to see what is work and what is popular. On this page 19 there is a way of using twitter I didn’t know about.

Next is the 2nd method for getting more followers, with easy to follow instructions and screen shots. I’ll be trying this out to get more followers and fans.

The 3rd method again is something that you can do and leverage’s other people’s work in your niche and there is another free tool to try out. Good stuff.

The next method is how you can use your blog for more social engagement which has a couple of ideas I’ve not tried, so I will be adding to my blog.

On page 29 there are 9 examples of how to keep people engaged on social media with your posts. To get the most impact it needs to be planned and included is a useful planning calendar.

Some great tips on making sure you are using social media for marketing without being pushy and why you should use it. There are examples of how to do it the right way.

There is just a ton of good ideas I’m going to have to try out. And on page 45 there is a smart way to use a post on Facebook to get more engagement and it is nicely compared with something that didn’t.

(As an added bonus for me is that the niche being used is something I’m interested in and I’ve found a couple of blogs I need to check out some more.)

I’m on page 50 now and there’s been a heap of great tips for getting more followers and traffic to your blog. These are going to work well with Flip Your World.

The tips keep coming and there’s one about Twitter I didn’t realize that is good to know. It helps you to get the most out of a tweet mentioning someone. And then there are some great examples of how Lynn has used this tip to get big attention to her blog. It’s amazing what it did for the blog.

My Decision

I’ve just finished the PDF and it is full of great ideas for leveraging the power of Social Media. I’m going to go through it again and get my strategy together.  The example are really good to see and do help illustrate the impact the tips in the course can help to grow your blog. As I’ve mentioned above I think it is going to work well with Flip Your World. It will give me a great way to grow my Facebook presence without using Facebook Ads. I hope.

This is a very good guide for getting started with Social Media and I also think it will help those that are more experienced. It is clear and concise with lots of actionable content.

You can click here to get your copy and get started now.

I haven’t been through the Social Marketing Results videos or the checklist’s yet and I’ll be doing that over the coming week while I get my plan together. I’ll also start testing the tips out on my niche blog. It will help put structure to what I’ve been doing and hopefully see better results because of that.

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