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Recently I’ve been recording Hangouts to see how they work and if I could get them to rank in Google. It looks from my limited tests that they do in fact rank easily compared to ordinary videos and websites. So, when I saw the new WSO Profit With Hangouts by Anthony Aires (see: Instant Commissions Exposed) and Frank Schwarz it looked like just what I needed.

I’d not heard of the creators before I saw this WSO but they do appear to be well known from the comments on the warrior forum offer thread.

I’m publishing this review after I’ve spent a bit of time using the techniques taught in the course. First, off I’ll take a look at the sales copy.

The Sales Letter

It starts off with “How You Can Make Fast Affiliate Commissions, Rake In High Paying Clients, Sell More Products, and Rank Rapidly On Google In 2014 Using Google Against Google!” which certainly got my attention.

Then it talks about the issues with Google and the secret technique of Google Hangouts to ranking quickly on Google. It then addresses the issue that ranking is one thing but making money from the videos is another.

The letter says the quick ranking of Hangouts may not last forever as Google may change it’s view on Hangouts at any time.

Next is some interesting images supporting videos ranking high, number of views and sales resulting from Hangouts.

So, then we’re onto what is included in the system. I can understand what I get with the bonuses but I’m not 100% sure what the Google With Profits System is. The only issues I have is that I don’t know how hard the videos were to rank and the affiliate income earned is hardly earth shattering! But, anyway, I press the buy button, to see what it’s all about.

The Buying Process

It all goes smoothly for me, (some people experienced some issues) and there are no OTO’s as stated in the sales letter. After paying you are taken through the WSO process and you are taken to a page where there are links to the PDFs and videos to download and links to sign up for the webinar and Facebook group. The video files are large so they do take some time to download and once on your computer it’s a bit hard to know which one is the one to start with. (since sorted as they are now named Video 1 through 6).

Now onto the course:

You get 6 main videos, access to the Facebook Group, a case study video, a recorded webinar and the course PDFs.

The first video discusses the 3 types of Hangouts that work best for converting local and affiliate products or your own – for 2 of them you don’t have to appear on screen. (see my example hangout below where I don’t appear on screen). You do need to know how to connect Google+ and YouTube (it’s not hard) as this isn’t discussed.

The steps to take on setting up the various hangouts are demonstrated. Some of the buttons you need to click may have there location changed, but it’s not too hard to find them by looking around the screen once you’re into the Hangout. Other than that it’s a great demonstration of Google Hangouts.

Video 2 is all about quality content. There’s good ideas on structuring your video for best effect.

Video 3 is about using 3 tools (2 I didn’t know about) to help in naming your video so it can be found by the most people possible in the search engines. Good tips.

Video 4 shows an effective resource on how to get your Hangout more authority to help with rankings of your Hangout.

Video 5 has some good to know tips on Video SEO for Youtube once your hangout has rendered on YouTube

Video 6 is a helpful resource guide to Hangouts.

The PDFs are a good summary of the videos and makes for a helpful checklist for getting your Hangout ranked.

The case study is really good to go through- it is fascinating as he takes you through the steps and the results.

The bonus recorded webinar sound is terrible, There is an awful echo all the way through it. Having said that, I persevered and there are number of nuggets in there, especially how Anthony Aires finds Clickbank products to promote. I’d not heard this method before and it looks a great way to find good offers that will have less competition but should convert well.

I’ve been using the information here to successfully make commissions using the ideas taught in Launch Jacking Boss and Emergency New Years Cash with JVZoo and WSO products.

The Facebook Group

This has been valuable to me so far. It’s a great place to ask questions, and Frank is active sharing ideas, answering questions and giving tips on how to get the most out of hangouts. It’s great for staying on top of things.

My Decision

There are a few things with the course I’d have liked to change. In particular the videos could be more concise and to the point.

Aside from these concerns this is a very good course and for me Profit With Hangouts definitely delivers based on my rankings and commissions. It shows you how to use Hangouts On Air to rank highly in Google and make profits. The Hangouts seem to me to rank quickly than videos with less SEO work.

By following the methods in this course I’ve manged to rank on the first page using Google Hangouts and earn affiliate commissions

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My Example Hangout showing you don’t have to appear on them: I used an overlay that I got through signing up to Clive McGonigals Tube Illuminati

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