Extreme Review vs Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Course

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Extreme Review vs home blogging and affiliate marketingIn this comparison of Extreme Review vs Pajama Affiliates Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing course two top courses for affiliate marking beginners and beyond go up against each other.

I thought I should put them up against each other in this way because I’ve talked about them both quite a bit lately.


I do have detailed reviews of both the courses where I go through them page by page letting you know what I like and don’t like as well as how it has gone as implement them.

The latest Extreme Review update is here.

The Pajama Affiliates Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Course latest review is here

They Go Head To Head

Type of Reviews. Both are focused on using Amazon products as the source of the products you review . The Pajama Affiliates course does talk about other ways to monetize your blog but the examples are mainly from Amazon.

The reviews you write for these are similar in the respect that you are trying to add as much value as possible to the visitor so they have the information required to click on your affiliate link and buy the product. They need to be the best you can write and have your personal touch – not just re-writing the product description and the first few customer reviews.

Extreme review has you researching the products deeply as you choose products that are likely to need explanation and product listing and customer reviews make it difficult for a customer to get the information they’re looking for.


The Pajamas Affiliate course is for simpler products as used in the example but you could use with more expensive and complicated products too.

Course Presentation. The Pajama Affiliates course is on one membership page with a mixture of video and text. The Extreme Review is mainly presented as PDF with links to a video on how to set up a WordPress blog. Overall I prefer the PDF presentation as I could print it out and have it on my laptop. I personally prefer reading to watching which I think is due to some people who like to waffle – which none of the videos in these courses do.

Cost. When I checked the costs from the two courses – Extreme Review was $29 and the Home Blogging Corse was $49 – both can change depending on how they are being marketed at the time.

Neither course has up sells that you need to battle through to get to the course. They do both have other courses that you can buy that complement the course.

How Easy To Follow And Implement Step By Step. Extreme Review is more step by step and more logically set out than the Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course. The Pajama Affiliates course seems to jump around a little bit and left me thinking that there were steps missed out but these were covered later.

Understand Why You Do Things. I think Pajamas has more on what you are trying to achieve when you write a review or blog post and thinking that goes behind why they are set out and written in a certain way. Extreme Review doesn’t do that but does give you step by step way to formulate a way for setting out a review post and what you should write in information posts.

Getting Traffic & Conversions Both have good sections on finding a profitable niche and using buyer keywords. Extreme review is better at giving you a method to follow to identify a niche that has traffic as well as being easier to compete. The advantage of Pajama Affiliates is about finding keywords that have less competition and structuring posts for best chance of conversion.

Pajama AffiliatesHome Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course

Ongoing Support. Erica is very good at answering questions and helping you build your business. However, I think the Pajama Affiliates provide support in a better way with the Facebook group both in answering questions and providing more tips, techniques and general “group kickings” to help the group as a whole move forward, as well as on an individual basis (not the “kickings” In fact both are better than what you often get from courses you spend $1000s on or have an ongoing monthly fee.

Examples To Follow. The examples given by Erica are good with one she build for the course. I think the Pajama Affiliates has the advantage here again as it uses an actual successful blog which is used extensively to give you fuller explanations.

Other Costs Involved. You can get started and up and running with just the courses. However, the Pajama Affiliates does recommend 2 pieces of software to buy – one for finding keywords and the other for making good looking product displays for your posts (cost is about $25 a month), but you don’t need them to be a success – it just makes it easier.

Other Courses. Both offer other courses you can buy that help you move forward more quickly with your affiliate marketing. I’ve bought most of them and have found they do help with more explanation and examples.

And The Winner Is

These are both excellent courses for getting started as an Amazon affiliate and building it out to a solid income.

Extreme Review is more geared to more expensive and complicated products that require more research and explanation. It has very step by step instructions especially when combined with the Straight Line To Passive Amazon Products – you know exactly what to do next.

The Pajama Affiliates Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course is focused on simpler products where you don’t need to research as much but still need to put effort in writing useful reviews from a personal perspective. You could use it for more complicate products if you wanted. There is more on how to set out a page for conversions

I know should really pick one – but I am struggling as to which is best. I think I’m going with Extreme review because I’ve implemented from start to finish whereas with Pajama Affiliates I’m using the stuff I learned to make changes to my sites to improve conversions and I’ve not finished this testing and implementation yet.

So, Extreme Review holds on to the top spot for now!

If you are interested in niche with complicated products then Extreme Review is the way to go and it isn’t for more straightforward products without lots of buttons and features. Whichever choice you make I think you’ll be pleased with the quality and both provide support as well as the opportunity to make money online as an affiliate marketer using the Amazon Associates program.

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