Extreme Review / Straight Line Passive Amazon Commissions Review Update No 20

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Each month I  now post an update on my Erica Stone’s Extreme Review sites.

It helps me to track progress and stay accountable but hopefully also shows you what is possible.

I’m not a guru and I’m just an average writer. I’m learning as I go with this.

The review sites follow the techniques taught in that course (and Straight Line) for writing reviews and information posts on physical products.

I also use the techniques as given in the courses for promoting those posts too.

They are fairly simple to follow and implement.

What Did I Do In June?

I carried on with writing and publishing more reviews and information posts in a closely related niche to one blog and the other I part completed a review.

I didn’t do much in the way of promoting on social media other than posting them on Pinterest and Facebook.

I also used Buried Treasure and What Works Now to focus on my most popular posts to improve conversions on those posts.

This was only for a couple of posts – I did add tracking to one of the posts  after making the adjustment to see what happened. It was part way through the month, so I’ll talk more about this next month. I gave it a separate Amazon ID

What Happened In June?

Here are those vital stats to see what the work achieved:

I added  5 reviews and 11 info posts in the month to the two blogs in total.

Total Reviews #129 (Blog 1 #42, Blog 2 #87)

Total Unique Google Visits #14,388 (May #14,918)

Total Commissions Earned $1,199.02 (May $1,295.11)

Of those commissions the total from related niches was:

Related Niche Commissions Earned $97.89 (May $52.18)

It’s great to have another month over $1k even if is down for the month.

Again my rankings for keywords have stayed there for those existing posts but there is an improvement in the newer posts.

I’ve been using the techniques in Buried Treasure to see what my click-through percentages are like on my most popular posts and they all seem to be about as expected for the positions they are at.

What’s Happening With The Traffic And Commissions?

Looking a little deeper into my commission progress:

I took a look at Google Trends to see what has happened to the searches for the main keywords. The screenshot below is typical:


It does show a decrease you’d expect from December/January time. My traffic hasn’t fallen by anything like that overall on my sites -it has fallen a little so not that bad – although I’d like to see it moving on up!

Conversions have dropped which I guess is to be expected due to there not being the urgency there is at that time – people can put off the buying during the rest of the year as happens in all niches on Amazon I guess except maybe Camping.

I also came across an excellent post on Financial Samurai . It discusses expectations for earnings on a blog and what is possible with examples. It’s worth checking out.

One section talks about what is an expected earning rate. It says it will normally between 1 cent to 10 cents per page view.  It depends on demographics.

So looking at page views per my blogs I’d expect:

Total Page Views 27,500

This gives an earning per view of 4 cents – so below halfway based on that – so need to work on those conversions some more as well as traffic.

I think that means I’m doing average with traffic and conversions

What Happens Next?

Nothing is going to change with the type of actions on these blogs.  It’s the same old same old

There will be more content published and more looking at popular posts and looking at ways to improve conversions on them.

I’ll aim for 30 posts. I’ve not got anywhere near that so far. Need to track for the whole month not just part of it.

I’ll also try to improve my writing standard as well as some personality into them too.

I’m hoping people decide that summer vacations aren’t what they want to do this year.

They’ve decided they have to get searching and buy things on Amazon.

What About The Courses?

Obviously I’d like to see my income moving up each month as it has been pretty much flat since March – it could be that summer feeling getting in the way and the time it takes for the new posts to rank.

However, as  above it’s great to be over the milestone of $1k again. So, I know how to make $1k a month regularly (over $2k one month) and I’m still positive that is going to start moving up.

And I think better writers can do much better than me.

I still highly recommend Extreme Review for beginners and those wanting to improve their Amazon reviews.

You can check it out here: Extreme Review

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