Extreme Review / Straight Line Passive Amazon Commissions Review Update No 19

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extreme_review_2016Another month has passed quickly by again. Good news again with the Extreme Review sites again bringing in over $1k. Which is great to see but frustrating that it isn’t growing as quickly as I’d like.

It was a small increase on the previous month so it is moving in the right direction at least. Hopefully, people will spend more time buying stuff rather than enjoying the summer sun over the next few months or watching the Olympics.

On to the stats and actions from May

What I Got Up To In May

I added  10 reviews and 7 info posts in the month to the two blogs in total.

Total Reviews #124 (Blog 1 #42, Blog 2 #82)

Total Unique Google Visits #14,918 (April #13,510)

Total Commissions Earned $1,295.11 (April $1,181.09)

What Happened?

I again was short of the content productivity that I wanted to get to in terms of publishing new posts with me getting to 17 instead of 30 – they just took me longer than I expected to research write and publish.


The sites continue to rank well for the keywords I track using Microsite Masters. and the traffic was moving in the right direction in May. Long may it continue.

The related niches I moved into brought in $52.18 (April $28.51) which I track separately using a good tip from the Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass.

I added another technique from What Works Now by PotPieGirl that could be added to the whole aite by changing a setting on my theme. As yet I’ve not seen a change in the conversion rate. So we shall see.

I bought Buried Treasure by Erica Stone and started to use that to find my high traffic posts and keywords to make changes to work on conversions. I’ve just used it on the first post identified so far -that was last week. It is step by step and logical using a spreadsheet to help analyze the traffic to your site. It was straightforward and it does give you great information to work with.

Next Steps

I’m going to uses the information from Buried Treasure to work through my posts that are identified as the most popular – making changes suggested in that course as well as What Works Now and How To Write A Blog Post That Converts. So, I’m starting on the ones that should have the most affect on my earnings.

I’m going to continue with the Pomodoro Technique (25 minutes on 5 minutes off) as well as have a proper to do list to see if that helps with the productivity.

The aim again is to publish 30 posts – a mixture of information posts and reviews.

Pretty boring stuff really – more of the same with updating old posts being the only really new thing. I’ll also try to stop checking the Amazon orders for the day – it’s great you can check them during the day – but very frustrating when you don’t see them coming through and a waste of time really.

What About The Courses?

My view on both course – Straight Line and Extreme Review (Updated for 2016) continues to be the same. I recommend them both for anyone just starting out or anyone who is struggling to make money with internet marketing.

I’ve now earned $1k plus for the last 6 months in a row following the techniques from the courses (with some coaching thrown in). They’re both well laid out and are easy to follow. They won’t get you rich overnight but with consistent work you can build a solid income.

Extreme Review / Straight Line Passive Amazon Commissions Review Update No 18


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