Extreme Review / Straight Line Passive Amazon Commissions Review Update No 17

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Extreme Review And Straight Line Passive Amazon Commissions Review Update 16It happened again! My  Extreme Review and Straight Line sites earned more than $1k.

In summary though it is small decrease in commissionsfrom the previous month  – I was hoping/exepecting an increase.

There was 2 extra days in March than February to further dampen the achievement – more days to sell more opportunity for visitors and sales but didn’t quite go that way.

What I Did In March

I added 7 reviews and 3 information posts to my two blogs.Nowhere near productive enough – too much time writing on this blog and other unproductive type thngs like checking Amazon sales.

Anyway tthe position at the end of March was:

Total Reviews #109 (Blog 1 #41, Blog 2 #68)

Total Unique Google Visits #14,126 (January #13,130)

Total Commissions Earned $1,159.15 (January $1,213.89)

What Happened?

My  move into a related niche on my #2 Blog conitnued with the publishing of 5 reviews and 3 information type posts. (It brought in $10.43)

I’m tracking these sales using the  Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Masterclass course techniques to track clicks and conversions for the month from this new niche. So the result of those posts was the following: clicks to Amazon #58, Sales #1, commissions $10.43.

Looking at the rankings using  Microsite Masters . It shows my Google rankings are keywords up # 47 /keywords down #26. So overall a nice steady increase in everthing except the conversions down month on.

Looking at my average conversion over 2 sites – Percentage Clicks to Amazon of Google Unique visits is this 19.21% (February 25.02%) and conversion Orders to Clicks is  4.83 %(February 4.02%). Nothing obvious has yet to hit moe over the head – so i need to dig deeper to see if somehing has changed with the keywords people are finding my sites for that they seem less keen on clicking on my links.

Next Steps

April the intention is to add 15 reviews and 15 information posts to the blogs To follow through on the conversion work now that I’ve got some numbers to see what happens when I start making tweaks to the three posts I’ve added tracking using google events and/or tracking ids.

The adding of conversion techniques from the How To Write Blog Posts That Convert and What Works Now are going to be added to see what happens to see if there is more conversions.

Of the 3 posts there are 2 posts that rank at number one and one that has dropped to between 42 and 75 depending on the day.

I’ve checked it to see if I the rankings issues was a problem of duplicate content. That doesn’t seem to be a problem. I’ve added some more content to see if that would help.  So I’ll report back on this at the beginning of next month.

Are These 2 Courses Worth It?

No change in my thinking on this. I’m still a big believer in these courses and the 2016 update to Extreme Review is looking very good so far. I’ve been going through the Amazon Niche Master getting ideas for information posts (it comes as one of the bonuses) – and have got some inspiration.

The courses Extreme Review and Straight Line continue to be basis of my Amazon affiliate business and I don’t see that changing any time soon but i’ll be adding the ideas and techniques from Pajama Affiliates course to improve the social media and conversions with layout and design.

It did take me just under 2 years to get to $1000 per month with 2nd blog reaching $1000 on its own in 12 months although it has dipped below that in March unfortunately (Last year the commissions earned were $156.51)

I think if you can write in a more personal and unique way (more so than me) you can start to see some success within a few months and even get to a $1000 especially

As I keep saying the better, more personal, engaginf, compelling nad quicker you can right the better you’ll do with this method providing you are prepared to work hard with the research too.

That’s one of the reasons I try to post something everyday first on this blog and now on Review sites to improve my writing quality and also my speed.

So that’s it for another month on my update. Hopefully this month will see commissions moving i nthe right direction again.
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