Extreme Review Part 3 – Writing A Review

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I’m back with Part 3 of Extreme Review from Erica Stone. This section is about writing the reviews that are the backbone of the system and is 9 pages long.

It is packed with a lot of information. You really do need to do some work to write these reviews.

Getting Down To Business

It starts by going through how to structure your review for readers and search engines. Doing this work up front will help you later when you come to writing.

Once you’ve worked out your structure of the review you’re on to researching the product and Erica has lots of tips and techniques to get the information you’ll need for your review.

Next it’s writing the review and there some good points on the psychology of the people you are writing for and what they will want to see and find out from your review. These reviews do end up being longer than the ones you normally see because you are putting in so much more detail and work.

The one I’ve written for my site following these guidelines (and coaching) is over 5,000 words because of the nature of the product. Not all reviews are going to be that long, but using this guide the posts are in lot more detail than you normally see. You do end up with something that is useful and helpful. Well I think so, but the test will be what visitors to the site.

I’m now writing my second one, and it does make you realize that despite all the information that is online just how difficult it is to get what you need when you are looking to buy something. This is where these reviews will help as the goal is to have everything a potential buyer will want to know.

If you follow the steps in the guide it makes it a lot easier to write about products you’ve not used, so although they are long, in some respects they are easier to write. And if you can earn a steady income off them for years the return on your effort is worth it. (I will let you know in later posts how I get on and what I learn).


Next it’s on to publishing, and there are good instructions and images to follow to do this. It’s step by step and easy to follow.

There is a link to follow for an example review which is at the end of the guide. This is great as you get to see what you want your review to look like once you’ve published it. I always like to have an example to look at to compare what I’ve come up with. It always helps me to have something to model.

(Since Erica published this product she has released 2 more guides on review writing that go more in depth than is discussed here in response to customers questions called Reviewers Edge and Ninja Reviews (I’ll add a review of these products once I’ve finished going through Extreme Review).)

By following the instructions you will end up with reviews that are a “cut above” the reviews you normally come across. The additional products will help in getting a better understanding of how to write an outstanding review that stand a good chance of being commented on and shared by your visitors and linked to from authority sites as has happened to Erica’s sites.

My Thoughts

I’m going to say this again. These reviews do take work and you I don’t think you can sit down and write them in an hour.

I know there are strategies out there that talk about doing this or paying someone a few dollars to write them for you. I’ve tried it and after seeing some success from doing this but my sites have all dropped from Google’s rankings. The reviews weren’t bad but they weren’t great either and I was backlinking to help boost them in the rankings.

This is where this guide comes in I think. You are putting in extra effort to build a long term asset. I’m hopeful this will be the case. At worse case I’ll be no worse off than I’ve been previously (to be doom and gloom for a moment), and best case I get what I am after. I think it’s worth the time to do proper reviews and try a different approach.

If you like to thoroughly research,analyze products and writing about them or think you can like it you are going to enjoy this section of the Extreme Review guide.

If you don’t want to write or go into too much depth then Reverse Attack Marketing is a good way to get started. It can also be a good way to test a niche too that you can then expand to include a review site.

This is a bit of ramble but I’ll get back on track with my next post where I’ll finish it off and discuss my next steps and updates.

You Can Get Started On Extreme Review Here


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