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epi-boxshotHi, back today with a new product from Rob Cornish Evergreen Passive Income that you may have seen being promoted on a few emails this week. It’s a popular product.

Anyway, I thought I’d take a look at it. I met Rob Cornish a few years ago at a conference and he seems like a good guy.

Before looking at the product in depth I want to go through his sales page:

The Sales Page

It did take me a while to decide about this course  and it was the headline that concerned me. In particular 60 minutes set up work and 15 minutes maintenance.

It sounds good but I’ve yet to be able to get one of those to work that way.

Anyway there’s a video next. It’s not too long and you can pause it when you want to. It goes through the commission earned from the system. And I like a number of the things it doesn’t consist of.

Certainly looks like it has been working well for a number of years. The video itself is not too hyped up. I like the look of the numbers he shows.

Below the video is a story I relate and still do.

Next up is some of the things that concern me about a lot of affiliate marketing courses. I like what follows with it being step by step  – sounds good and simple to do.

Next are screenshots of the course. I like that giving a bit of insight as to what you get and what course covers.

There a bit more on the commission he’s earning and what it’s not.  He does go throughthat you get to see an actual case study in the course which I do like the sound of.

It does look okay for the price of under $10. Still that headline concerns me. I wonder how long it takes to see this type of income or if you need to do more work to get to that income. I guess there is no guarantee that you’ll set it up right the first time – so may take more than 60 minutes to set up!

The other thing that makes a little wary of this is that I’m not 100% sure what it is you do to set it up completely – I know what you don’t do but not what you do. I prefer the sales letters that give you more of a clue of what it is about. Anyway I went ahead and pressed the buy button as I said above he seems a good guy and it was recommended by one people whose  emails I still open.

The Buying Process

Once you press the buy button you go through to Paypal. Buying was straightforward using the WarriorPlus method. Once bought there is an up sell which I clicked through and a down sell which I clicked through. They do look like they could be useful .

So, not an endless sales funnel to get through to the warrior product page.

What Do You Get

Once you click on the access button you are taken to a page where you are asked to enter your email address. The course is below this. It is 10 videos plus a bonus video and cheat sheet.

So let’s take a look at Video 1


It’s a quick 6 minute video which is good.  It starts going through the commissions and what it isn’t.  Okay, I still not sure what you do need to do.


On to video 2

Why Most People Struggle With Affiliate Marketing

This has some good points as to what people are doing wrong. I agree with what he has to say here as to some reasons why people don’t make money from affiliate marketing.  It’s worth going through to understand poor affiliate marketing methods and that only result in short term results.

On to Video 3

This is going to discuss how to earn evergreen and passive income. Fantastic!

The E+A+E Formula

It’s the foundation of the model.  This talks about the type of affiliate products that make the evergreen model.

It goes through good points here on products and your approach to affiliate marketing.  I agree with a lot of what he is saying here for long term success.

There are a couple of website examples given.  I like his thinking around this and the approach to promoting affiliate markets.

It looks like this could be good course if it follows through on these principles. Still not sure what the model is.

On to Video 4.

The Big Reveal.

This look like we’re going to see what it is that you’re going to be doing. It’s got the case study in it. It reveals the product he has earned all the commissions from. Interesting and good idea of what to promote.

There is talk about how to discuss a product.

On to Video 5

Finding And Selecting The RIGHT Affiliate Programs

This goes through another set of affiliate programs that Rob uses to make money every month. Seems a very practical way to do it.  It is a good approach to selecting an affiliate program to choose.

There’s a good site demonstrated on how to find other products to promote. There is a good explanation here on how you use it. It goes into some good amounts of detail.

There’s a clever way to find more products to promote using Google. I like this.

A good video this.

I’m going to leave it there for now. I’m half way through now with another 5 videos to go.

My Thoughts So Far

The Evergreen Passive Income seems like a good basic affiliate program at a good price too based on what i’ve seen so far.

It does take you through the basics of how to approach affiliate marketing.  It has been very much about mindset in the first videos. It did start to show you what to select affiliate products.

There was some clever ways to find affiliate products and programs too. It is all video based which I’m not always so keen on myself. These ones do move along at a fair pace as it goes.

At the moment I’m still not sure how you promote the products. I do know how it’s not to be done but I’m struggling to work out where you put you affiliate link. I know it needs to be done in a way that adds value but not how you do that.

I’m only half way through it so I’m sure that will come very soon. Well I hope so anyway.

To date the course has gone well. I’m enjoying the presentation. I agree with his thoughts on the way to approach affiliate marketing for long terms success. I’m looking forward to going through the second half of the course where I’m sure the how to part will be revealed.

Evergreen Passive Income Part 2

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