Erica Stone’s Use Your Words Review Part 3 – A Conclusion For Now

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Today, I’m back continuing my look into Erica Stones Use Your Words. This is part of my series of posts on implementing Extreme Review and related strategies. I’m using this to start on my content strategy to widen my review site from being just a large number of reviews after I up my first set of reviews for my site. I’m currently working on review 5.

Content Strategy

Now, on to the guide. It starts by working through the grouping of keywords to develop a content strategy. I’ve got a clean list of keywords and now it is matter of sorting the keywords and grouping them. The spread sheets included give you an example of what your work should look like at the end of the process which is good to have. This step does take quite a bit of time, with the sorting. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a quick way to do it.

Once that’s finished its about deciding what is the best type of post using the 7 types discussed in the guide earlier. Again, there are good instructions and the example spread sheet helps a lot on this too. You end up with a long list of keywords/topics you can write about.

How To Use The Keywords

With your keywords sorted and grouped you now have a decision to make about which keyword to use in your title. There is good advice on this and the guide works through how to use a tool to establish the best keyword to include in your title.

Then it’s on to how to use the keywords in your content to get the best SEO benefit from them without overdoing it, so it doesn’t end up getting a dreaded Google penalty.

The next chapter talks about how you can write about similar topics without ending up writing basically the same post by emphasizing different features and aspects. Very good tip and she works through an example to show you how it works in practice.

A Content Schedule

The following part is about establishing a content schedule – the order and frequency of your posting. It gives you an outline of which posts to write and in what order to give you the best spread of topics going forward. It’s all laid out in a list showing the order. All very logical and great to follow along to and tick off as you go. I’m adding this to the spread sheet and putting the list numbers against my posts so I know which post to write next. It will mean I won’t have to sit there and think what am I going to write about now. I guess if I don’t want to write about something I can always change the order around if I want within reason.

The last chapter is about linking internally and goes over how you to implement the SEO tactic talked about earlier in the book and then discusses about how important the linking is.

The last couple pages of the guide give you a list of Erica’s other courses. I’ve got the complete set of them and they have sat on my hard drive gathering cyber dust. I’m doing my best now to change that by implementing what I learn to get a real solid online income going.

My Thoughts

There isn’t really anything I didn’t like about the course. Maybe some more examples would have been appreciated. I’ve no complaints about what is in included and I don’t think there are any glaring gaps in it.

This course is really helpful and gives you a good strategy to find keywords, sort them and come up with a content plan for your site. You end up with a long list and a way to ensure you are not repeating yourself.

It makes a good addition to Extreme Review and has helped me in identifying keywords and topics to write about without ending up repeating yourself. It works as a standalone course, as you don’t have to have any other courses to get this working for you and your websites. It is a very practical guide and walks you through the process with easy to follow steps and diagrams.

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