Erica Stone’s Use Your Words Review Part 2

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Today I’m continuing  my review of Use Your Words by Erica Stone. This is the course where Erica shows you how to develop a keyword strategy for your niche site.

It fits in nicely with her Extreme Review course that I am currently following (with additional coaching) and I’m just finishing up my 4th product review.

After learning a fair bit in the first part of the course we now start with learning and putting into practice what is being taught.

Keyword Research

Is keyword research one of the most boring things you can do in life? I just wish it wasn’t so important if you want to rank on Google and get visitors to your site. The potential return on the boredom factor makes it a worth persevering.

So this section is about finding keywords and then using those keywords to develop a content plan for your site. She has instructions for the Keyword Planner and Google’s Keyword Tool (now no longer with us). Along with Google she also suggests another free tool to get keywords that people use but don’t necessarily show up in the keyword planner.

So after the explanation we are now into actually using the tools. There are some good clear diagrams to help you through the process, leaving nothing to chance.

After getting keywords using Google we’re on to gathering keywords from the other free tool. It is all explained clearly and with diagrams too. Now to get on with it.

After a bit of fun using excel I’ve now got a list of four hundred keywords to play with. My experience with the instructions so far are that they are easy to follow.

This step took me an hour or so with having to clean up the keywords list to eliminate the duplicates. It would have been quicker if I had a later version of excel that has the functionality to remove duplicates from a list with the push of a button or two.

So far this course is proving a winner to me. I’ve not seen anything yet that makes me think this wouldn’t work. Although I’m using it in conjunction with Erica’s Amazon blueprint (see update below) my thoughts so far is that you don’t have to. The course material will stand up on it’s own and would be useful for a new review site or adding more content to an existing site.I think there has been some really great information so far in the course.

Next up is sorting the keywords and I’ll go through that in my next post.

Click here to get started on Use Your Words here

Extreme Review Update

So far with my Extreme Review site I’ve added 3 review posts and they are currently ranking at the bottom of page 2, bottom of page 4 and bottom of page 5. So, not too bad considering that I’m not that far into the process. I’m just finishing up review # 4 and then I’ll get on to review 5. No visitors and no sales to date as you’d expect from these rankings. It is interesting that they have ranked where they have without any attempt to promote my site or posts at all. Maybe there is something in these long reviews after all, as explained in the course. I hope so.  See review 1 here

Once I’ve got my new site up and running I’m trying to decide whether I start use the techniques I’ve learned to revive some of my old sites or just forget about them and start on some new sites this hopefully profitable method from the start rather than wasting time on “sunk costs and time”.



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