Erica Stone’s The Monetized Life Review

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Erica has just released a new guide to being an Amazon Affiliate called The Monetized Life. I’m currently implementing a couple of her guides at the moment – Straight Line and Pinplosion and giving updates as to how I am getting on every 2 weeks.

This guide looks interesting to me as it seems to give an outlet for writing about things you know rather than having to do a lot of research first and you can monetize it too. Hopefully it can be fitted around what I am already doing which is the idea with this strategy I think.

The Sales Letter

It starts with stop working so hard – sounds good – and asks whether you miss the old days of squidoo – not really I never could get it to work for me.

The next bit describes me and I’d like to not miss out on life and still make money and work online. This has got me hooked.

I like the sound of this even if I don’t miss squidoo – I like what I see in the product description. So I’m off to buy,

Buying Process 

As always it’s all straightforward with Erica’s products. You buy through Warrior Forum and get taken to the download page – there are no upsells or anything else to navigate through. Nice and easy!

What You Get

You get a big  zip file – the main monetized life main guide, instructions to set up a wordpress or blogger blog, keyword guide and 4 guides on Squidoo and templates (although you don’t use them for Squidoo).

The Main Guide

I’m starting with the main guide. This is a 28 page PDF guide. The first few pages are taken up with the cover, disclaimer and content. Then it is on to an introduction to Erica about how she got started and that this latest strategy came about by accident.

First part of the guide proper is an overview of the strategy – it’s a good point on what you can write about your life and you can make money from it too. There is then a discussion about why the strategy works in giving unique content that Google and Amazon both like and you only need the one site.

There’s a short section referring you to guides for setting up your blog that I’ll take a look after I’ve been through the guide.

Next it is on to the type of posts you’ll be making on your blog – basically life and money posts. There is a good discussion here on life posts and some examples from Erica’s life that does a good job of showing you what is possible. This is starting to look like something I could do. There is also the added benefit that you can make sure you don’t miss out what is happening around you rather than just focused on online activities – you can enjoy your life too (and make some money). You write about what happens in the day – I guess it must be something a bit interesting and not just talking about getting out of bed , brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating breakfast etc – but about your hobbies, interests, walks, trips etc.

There is then a good point about why this works in getting rankings in Google.

Next are some template guidelines on some common type of posts you can write about and how to structure them. This is a useful section to know what to write. There are 13 templates provided that should make writing the posts easier and they are a “good starter for 10”.

Then we’re on to Monetize Posts – and this refers to the keyword guide for finding things to write about and also the Squidoo guides to use as templates for the type of posts to create. I’ll take a look at these at the end.

Next is on where to get images for your personal posts and gives you a free resource for spicing up your photos and creating your own images with some step by step instructions.

The next section is on how you can do this on the move with various Apps, followed by how to get more content quicker and then there is a section on where you might be able to get a PR3 backlink.

Next section describes how you can get traffic to your site from a source other than Google – it’s free and easy to do.

The second to last section of the guide proper is a 30 day action guide to get your blog up and running. This does look doable and is a good idea. It will help in keeping things on track.  The last section makes a good point about doing something on the blog daily.

Keyword Strategy Guide

This is a good 21 page guide and goes into a lot of details on how to find keywords that should be easy to rank monetized posts for. They are low competition words and the guide goes into detail with images and is step by step. There is a good explanation between buyer and information keywords and which one you should target.

There is a link to a YouTube video which shows Erica finding  these keyword – it is very good. The strategy itself is very similar to Pinfabulous keyword and does help you find keywords that should be easy to rank for.

Setting Up A WordPress Blog

I’m going to go for a WordPress blog rather than a blogger blog. (The blogger blog guide looks easy to follow).

The guide is 13 pages. It starts with some tips on checking whether or not the name of the site you come up with is okay to use. These are easy to do – the hard bit will be coming up with a name I like.  It then takes you through buying a domain name, setting up hosting and setting up word press in a safe way -it is all step by step and easy to follow along to – there is also a link to a YouTube video to help. It goes through the pages, plug-ins you need, categories and the theme to use. It is easy to follow along to.

Squidoo Content Guides

There are 4 guides to use to model your money posts on. I’m only going to quickly describe these as there is lot in them/ They’ll keep you going with ideas and techniques for a long long time. The books are:

Ideas Express – this is a 25 page pdf that does go through the process of finding keywords. There are also additional pdfs on building a lens which are handy in building a page on your site if0 you ignore Squidoo references. It is a pity you can’t see what it looks like but you have the steps needed.

Squid Pro Quo – I different type of post but with same good instructions and additional material. It is 27 page long.

Squidazon – Another post type – this is 58 pages and you make 6 different types of posts. Again good quality.

Squidoo Niche Blaster – a 15 page pdf and then a 24 page pdf dscribing the strategy. It goes through the technique in detail.

These are good guides and deserve more than I’ve done here but I’ve got a site to build and keywords to find.

My Thoughts

Even though I was never a big fan of Squidoo this looks like something that is better than it. The Monetized Life is something I’m doing – it is easy to follow a long to. So, I’m now off to start writing content for my new site. I intend to post an update for it in August to let you know how I’m getting on. I’ll also be using Pinplosion with this site too.




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