Erica Stone’s Straight Line The Road To Passive Amazon Commissions Review

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Erica is back with a new Amazon product. I’ve been part of her of the coaching program that Straight Line The Road To Passive Affiliate Commissions is from (without the one on one coaching). It’s on a dime sale so it is a bargain so far.

If you’ve read my Extreme Review posts you’ll see I’ve talked about being on this. I am currently just finishing up Assignment 18 of 23. I’ve got a good looking site and 7 posts up at the moment.

Before I talk about how that has been going, I’m going to go through the sales page and buying process. I have bought this as I wanted to see what it was like and how it compared with the coaching program.

The Sales Page

The WSO post is headed up “$454 in Passive Amazon Commissions – 16 Posts on One Site – No Paid Traffic, No Buying Backlinks.”  This is interesting because it’s not a lot of commissions and also there wasn’t anything done in the last 6 months.

No really big promise makes this more believable but you would want to earn more than that to make it worthwhile. (I certainly hope you can as I paid a lot more for this training than the WSO price). It’s 23 steps long and you get the statistics of the site she is using to compare your site(s) with.

The work she done on the site is interesting as it is a fairly small amount (although the reviews are in depth and do take up some time).

Next there is proof of her ranking on page one for the review keywords and earnings from Amazon. Then we are on to what you get.

– Information on the site

– 23 Assignments (from the coaching)

– 3 bonuses (from the course but not part of the coaching)

I know Erica’s stuff is good and will work when put into practice and I like the sales page – straight to the point as always.

As I said I have bought this.

The Buying Process

This was and you are taken through the WSO process of paying through Paypal. There are upsells when I click on the link to get the course. You get a zipfile that contains guides and bonuses.

What You Get

Straight Line Assignment Pack (pdf)

Straight Line Main Guide Site Stats (pdf)

3 Bonuses  all pdfs (they look interesting)

4 Instruction Guides on Specific Topics (pdf)

A Worksheet for analyzing Niches (Excel, Pdf, OpenOffice versions)

It’s a lot of stuff. A start here document would be nice to introduce it all. Never mind I’m sure it will all hang together well. Erica’s course normally do.

I’m going to start with the Straight Line Main guide.

The Main Guide

It’s a 22 page document. It starts with a disclaimer and a list of contents. Then its into the introduction where she quickly gives a bit of detail on her background and the document. She say that you don’t have to start with this statistical information if you don’t want to, you can start on the assignments.That’s good to know.

I’m going to carry on – I like to look at numbers and I can compare it to my sites, if you don’t have a site she suggests starting on the assignments and then come back later.

She pretty much goes through the items listed on here sales page giving all the data on the site. It makes for interesting reading and Erica is right you can see how your site stacks up, which I’ve been doing as I go through.

My response times don’t come out well. Bonus 3 gives information on speeding up your site.

She lists all the plug-ins she uses for her site. I’m missing a number of them. My on page SEO is pretty much the same. So not much to do there.

Next is outlining the details of the niche (without revealing it). The guide gives volumes of keywords and what the competition was like before she started and what it’s like for the product reviews. This is interesting and my site is probably not in as good a niche based on these criteria. I’m not sure what I can do about it, hopefully it won’t make much difference.

I know what the site is she is using for this as I am a member of Online Business Insiders where she reveals the site name and more. It’s good to see all this information about it laid out in front of you. It does make you think.

The next section is on posts and gives details of length and links out to Amazon. I have only got 7 posts on my site compared to 16 on her site. I’m definitely short here.

Then it’s on to traffic and it is interesting to see the time from posting  content to getting traffic. It reinforces what I thought. Fantastic!

Then it’s on to sharing Amazon commissions. Again it’s good to see the time it took for the first sales to come though and how it has built has traffic has increased. The conversion rate is impressive too not the 1% I normally see.

She then has a look at the sites linking to her site which have happened naturally and there is one authority site linking back due to the quality of her reviews.

My Initial Thoughts

I’ve enjoyed going through this data and I’ve got a list of things I need to work on to improve my site and I know what I need to look at as my site progresses.

So far so good. I’m sure the assignments guide will be good too, as I have inside knowledge. I’ll start on this tomorrow. This looks another great course by Erica Stone.

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