Erica Stone’s Straight Line Implementation Update Part 9

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It’s now 2 weeks since my last update on my Straight Line case study. I think in a lot of respects I’m still stuck in Groundhog Day and yet to find the way to get out of it with this site making sales.

I’ve continued  on writing reviews and information posts plus done some work on Pinplosion (not much) on the site.

Enough moaning on to

The Results:

results 7-5

The rankings of the posts seem to be slowly climbing up the rankings although many of them are now stuck on page 2 being held off the first page by Google groups and YouTube videos with minimal useful content.

The increase in rankings has seen a few more clicks through from Google to the site, although the last week is down from the pervious week.

The pages with most visits in the past week are

Info post 9 with 46 visits

Info post 7 with 22 visits

Info post 1 with 20 visits

Review 10 with 10 visits

Home page with 7 visits

The 3 info posts in the top 3 are all product comparison posts where I compare 2 products features. The monthly searches according to Google keyword planner for the keyword they are ranking for are:

Info post 9 has 10 searches

Info post 6 has 350 searches

Info post 1 has 40 searches

The review post is for a product that is currently only available on pre-order so I am looking to the future on that.

These searches make me wonder why I wrote them in the first place but it looks like there must be more searches and/or related searches out there that are not being reported by the keyword planner tool. It’s probably time I wrote another comparison post even if I’ve yet to see a sale from them yet but at least people searching for this information are part way a long the buying process.

The Pinplosion results are to be expected because I’m not pinning or using the site everyday. From my experience you need to be this everyday to get the momentum going and then it carries on by itself when you get to a certain amount of pins and followers. To do it justice I need to put the work in.

Next Steps

I know moving from shiny object to shiny object doesn’t work for me, so I’ve decided to stick with Straight Line to get this working

As with the previous update (boring isn’t it but hopefully productive) I intend to continue on writing more content for the site – a mixture of information posts and review posts – I’m going to see if I can find a way to write them quicker as it takes me about a week to write one review post of between 3000 to 5000 words – this includes researching, writing and pubishing.

As for Pinplosion I want to give it more time but that is dependent on me publishing at least 1 post a week.

These posts are helping me to take a good look at what is happening on the site so I’m going to continue posting once every two weeks (I was going to go to once a month). I’m sure it will get more fun when the income starts to come in.

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