Erica Stone’s Straight Line – Implementation Update 5

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Saturday has come around again, so it is time for a  Straight Line Update – my main IM review project.

I’m starting to think a weekly update is too frequent. I’m publishing 2 reviews and/or informational posts, sharing on 4 social sites, checking rankings and looking for clicks/sales on Amazon. It’s not the most exciting stuff to talk about, especially when there isn’t much happening. It seems a bit like watching paint dry at the moment with so little happening. Its hard to describe the process when it really is the same each week and the results don’t change much.

So, I think I’ll go to every 2 weeks unless I start to see something worth reporting back on – like a sale or I have some startling insight.

Anyway on to the results:


The rankings seem to be not doing too much except for review 1 now coming back from the dead and ranking on the 3rd page of Google which is good to see. Also, encouraging to see 6 clicks to Amazon this week and there was some visitors from Google+ and Twitter on top of the visitors from Google.

The idea is that my well written unique reviews (if I say so myself) will slowly start to rank higher by themselves over time. 5 out of 7 of the reviews are looking like they are placed nicely to start the slow climb on to page 1. Hopefully, it will be this way and not the up and down and out and back again. I guess overall everything is moving in the right direction, just not quick enough.

This week coming up I plan on researching, writing and publishing 2 more review posts to keep on schedule. I’ll try not to check my rankings and analytics too often.

Writing the posts is still taking me quite a bit of time, especially the review posts – they average about 4,000 words in length. They don’t leave much time to do anything else. I feel like I should be building links or something to help the rankings and start seeing some income coming in. But I do feel I should follow the instructions first before making any changes.

I’m still believe Erica is right. If you write the best posts you can that do help people then you’ll see improved rankings and links will be built to the site naturally. It is important to be patient and keep on posting. Some validation in the form of commissions would be nice.


Rankings moving in the right direction, not much change in visits from Google, more clicks through to Amazon and still waiting for sales. And of course more lessons in the virtue of patience and focusing on the activity needed to create a solid income rather than the results in the short term.

I am still hopeful about the results I’m seeing from Straight Line and that a solid income is around the corner as long as I continue pressing on with the method. It just is slower than I’d like but I’m sure it will be worth it when I look back in a few months or years time.

That’s it for this week, I’ll publish an update in 2 weeks time to let you know how I’m getting on.

See first review post here and previous update here


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