Erica Stones PinTrender Review Part 1

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pintrenderI’ve just bought Erica Stone’s Pintrender – Pinterest + Affiliate Links

First a couple of points of why I’ve taken a look at this new shiny object.

First, As you may know I’m a big fan of Erica’s courses especially Extreme Review which I’ve been documenting my results and experience on the this blog for a couple of years (on and off).

Second, Pinterest can be a good source of traffic and they now allow affiliate links, which might be a good way to earn some more income.

Before moving on to the product, here’s a quick view of

The Sales Page

First up its short.

Then there is a bit of a warning about not spamming Pinterest with links.

The first point about Pinterest is something I’ve heard a lot and I do believe I’m just not ever been able to get it to convert like this – but they may be due to my images and niche. My guess is you can pin product images direct now so creating your own images may not be such an issue.

I like the bit on working smarter, fewer links and most clicks. Sounds good.

Next is a list of what you’ll learn and how the product is delivered. You get to see an example pinterest board which is always good.

And that’s really just about it on the sales page. I like what I’ve read – you know what the course is about and what you get – there’s no mystery and no hype.

So once you hit the buy button:

The Buying Process

Quick and straightforward – there a no up sells to navigate through. It all went very smoothly for me. I was soon back at the product delivery page.

What You Get.

After clicking the access product button you get a zip file to down load. In the file is:

The Main Guide

A list Of Affiliate Programs

3 examples of board plans

A spreadsheet to help plan your own.

These things might help with my existing Pinterest boards.

On to seeing what is in …

The Main Guide.

The subtitle – Is how to find the trendiest products in the hottest niches. It is a 60 page PDF.

After the disclaimer and contents it is on to a quick introduction to Erica. Interesting and a page long.

Next up is an overview of the course. I like this – it’s always good to know what a course is going to cover.  I can see this helping with the current boards I have as well as being used.

On to the course proper now. First up is the working smarter part – doing research. This makes sense to work out what is going to be popular (hopefully) before you start rather than just hoping.

This section has a lot of facts based on research about pins from various sources. Interesting and useful too.  Using that information Erica identifies which are likely the best niches to use to follow the strategy. Unfortunately, my existing sites don’t really fit into the list – which might explain some of my lack of success (maybe not).

Easy to get lost in the information on this page checking out various pinterest information and boards.

This is where it can get frustrating where you choose a niche for your board. It getting something that isn’t too broad or too narrow. There is link to an example pinterest profile. I’d never have thought of that as a niche you can get enough sub-categories but Erica has somehow.

It’s not a niche I’d choose myself. I’ve got an idea of a niche I can use for this after going through the material

Next comes a warning on making sure you know the rules and links to where you can read up more on them. I’ve not done that yet, but it is advisable to do it all the same.

There is a particular warning about Amazon and I had heard you weren’t permitted to do this but you can ask and see what answer you get. The advice here is to ask  first before you start – you don’t want to lose your account because you made a mistake.

After that there is some good ideas on how to choose a name for your profile.

Next are instructions on how to set up a Pinterest profile. I did skim this but it looks very step by step as I’d expect with Erica. There’s also how to make a profile image using a free tool online to do this. There’s plenty of images included so you know exactly what to do.

It can be a bit tough going through this as you get back and forward but it is easier than stopping and starting a video – it’s one of those times when it would be good to have two screens open at the same time.

Next we are on to board planning. This is where you use one of the extras the board planning spreadsheet.  There is a great idea on how to get ideas for this – another thing you can get lost in doing this. I wish I’d done it when I set my boards up for my  sites.

Okay that is as far as I’m going for now on this course. I need to finish up. It’s taking me longer than I expected to get this far – mainly because of the good ideas and tools to explore. They’ve got me thinking about my existing profiles and how I can add more to them. I’ve definitely gone too broad.

My Thoughts To Date

As I thought before I bought Erica Stone’s PinTrender this is another well put together course from what I’ve seen so far.

It is thorough and very much step by step. It seems like it is something a beginner can use to get going on being an affiliate marketer using Pinterest.

Although it does help if you already have a blog or can know how to do it for when you come to apply for approval with affiliate programs – just the same with any affiliate marketing business.

So, before getting go on this I think it would be good to have set up a blog where you have done some work in getting it ready. In the same or in related niche to the one you are going to be pinning on would be best if you are starting fresh – it will help with getting approved as sometimes they look at your blog and say no but you can follow up and give further explanation.

So far I am impressed with Pintrender.


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