Erica Stone’s Pinplosion Review Part 1 – 30 Minutes a Day to Targeted Pinterest Traffic?

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After a short break from reviewing Erica Stone’s excellent products, I’m back to doing it again. She has just released PinPlosion – a course on using Pinterest to get targeted traffic to any niche site. This looks interesting to me.

I’ve used Pinterest for some of my sites and with one of them I get between 50-100 visitors a day but there is not much happening in terms of income being made from it a month – less than $10. So, getting traffic that converts is something I’d like.

The Sales Page

This is a simple page – there doesn’t seem to be any outlandish promises of untold wealth. It talks about how popular Pinterest is and how people are looking to buy.

The things that interest me on the page are that you can build up a list of targeted followers and how to get them to your site. I have a newish site I’m creating using Erica’s Straight Line course that is getting a few visitors a day from Google but nothing from Pinterest at the moment even though it has a Pinterest account that I’ve pinned images to.

It has 2 followers today – so will make a worthwhile case study to see if this course will help. Hopefully it will convert because it has been set up and written following the Straight Line course.

So, yes this is something that interests me and I pushed the buy button.

The Buying Process

As with all Erica’s courses there was no upsells to navigate through and it follows through the Warrior Plus process smoothly. Once it’s paid for you get to download a zip file that contains the Pinplosion pdf – it’s 48 pages long.

What’s In The Guide

It starts with the cover, a disclaimer and a table of contents. Next is an introduction to Erica and her previous role helping her write actionable courses. I think they are very good and they definitely among the best ones I’ve read and used.

Up next is an overview on what Pinterest is and how good it is at driving traffic to a site. I agree with that as I’ve seen it without really using it systematically. Then it’s on to what Pinterest is – this a good brief introduction into it.

Then we’re straight into getting your site ready for pinning. She recommends a plug-in that I’ve not used before. It’s free and there is a link for instructions if you are not using WordPress. That is straightforward and quick to do. There is an image to follow on how to set it up.

Now it’s on to the type of images to post. She makes a good point that the goal is to get someone to your site when you choose an image to put on your site. Looking at the ideas for what to pin, I’m going to get better at what I am pinning to get people from Pinterest to my review site. Mine are too boring in comparison. There are 4 very good examples that look good to me that don’t look to hard to do. I’ll come back to this point once I’ve seen what I need to do on Pinterest.

it is then on to setting up an account with Pinterest. I’ve done this before and the instructions here are clear and are easy to follow with plenty of images to help you a long the way.

Next it is about creating boards. I’ve got some work to do on my site’s account – I’ve not got it set up the right way and I’ve got some pinning to do to get this right.

I’m off to do this now, so I’ll let you know my summary for now and come back with more in a few days.

My Thoughts So Far

As I thought PinPlosion is a well put together course so far. I’ve not got to the point where I start getting targeted traffic. However, so far there have been some good ideas on what images should be used for pinning and how to set up boards.

I’m going to take these ideas and set them up for Amazon review site to get it ready for the next part of the course that is about what to pin, who to follow and getting targeted traffic to your site.



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