Erica Stone’s Pinfabulous Affiliate Review – Laughing In Google’s Face!

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Yesterday Erica Stone sent me an email about her new course Pinfabulous Affiliate. After a quick read of the email I clicked through to the sales page. Without taking much notice of it I went for the buy button and I bought. I trust it to be a good course, as all her previous ones have been.

The Buying Process

I’m going to swap my usual process around and start with the buying process first. This all went very smoothly. There were no upsells to negotiate through. The course is delivered by zipfile. The zip file contains:

Pinfabulous Main Guide (A PDF document)

30 Image Templates (png images)

Pinfabulous Post template (txt file)

Keyword Spreadsheet (excel)

Seed Keyword (txt file)

Back To The Sales Letter

I like the style of Erica’s sales letter as they are to the point and without the hype you see in many of letters – there’s no talk of “crushing it” or anything like that. So, that is a big tick.

As it is a WSO you can read what others are saying and there are a lot of positive comments about Erica and the course as I’d expect. Plus there are good responses from Eric a to the questions being asked.

The sales thread is headed up “[AMAZON]Laugh in Google’s Face – Thin, affiliate link loaded sites that rake in Amazon commissions! “- an interesting start. (Anything that helps you get traffic without relying on Google I like).

She then goes through that simple pages should work and people did like them even if Google didn’t and free sites going along for the ride – she calls them chickens.

She has found a way of using Pinterest to get traffic to a “thin affiliate site” and get people to click through to Amazon. I have managed to get traffic to a site but I didn’t make too much money though. She relates a story of how somebody had made $1m of sales, and this confirmed to her it could work.

Next we’re on to what’s included. Choice, there is a follow along site is always handy to see it work in practice.

It’s on a dime-sale so the price is going up.

Looking at the comments it appears you can adapt the strategy for existing sites, as well as use for existing sites.

It is all delivered by e-book with some additional templates tools and no video. Great – video can be so boring sometimes

On To The Course

I’m starting with the main guide – a 73 page PDF. It starts off with a discussion about the course being a “quick hit” strategy that will bring in cash more quickly than longer term strategies like building a review site.

Next there’s a discussion of the thought process that resulted in the guide. An interesting read about what Google thinks is quality and the impact that has had on free sites and how they changed their terms of service to help with their rankings.  Then there is discussion on a number of factors that came together to create the Pinfabulous Affiliate method. One that’s key is that people on social media do like to buy and this can be a source of traffic that is not dependent on Google.

Because of the nature of the method you are recommended to buy your own site and domain name, so your work doesn’t get deleted as it might do if it were on a free site. Erica discusses this in the comments to the WSO see here.

There’s a link to her sample site and it does looks clean and simple to set up.  After the preamble we’re into the meat of the course on page 10 – choosing a name for your site. There are suggestions on what to choose for a name and Google doesn’t come into the consideration.

Next there are some clear instructions on how to buy a domain name and hosting with easy to follow diagrams as needed. This is followed by the details on how to set up a wordpress blog on your hosting and setting up an email address. There’s a nice tip on how to make your site look more professional in a browser.

Erica shows you the free theme she uses and the plugins, with step by step instructions on setting them up.

Next is setting up stats tracking and she recommends an alternative to Google Analytics and show you how to set it up, so you don’t let Google see what you are doing. (I’m not sure this will make much difference, but it might, so I’ll follow the recommendation it’s free).

Next is an in-depth section on keyword selection that is similar to that used in her other products. She says why change something if it works. As I said this is very comprehensive and goes through the keywords that fit the criteria for this site and what doesn’t. This is all done with free tools and the help of the spreadsheet that is included with the course.  Plus there is a list of seed keywords to help you in getting you started.

Finding keywords is not something I really enjoy but it is vital to success and this section makes it as straightforward as successful. Even though your site won’t rank on Google there is a good chance that your boards on Pinterest will plus people also search on Pinterest for stuff too, so you want to give yourself Pins the best chance of being found.

Next step is on to posting content after you’ve found 5 keywords that meet the criteria you can start posting and there is very little writing needed. She recommends a tool to speed up adding Amazon products to the post but you are given a free option as well. You are provided with a template for setting the post up.

Then we’re onto the traffic part of the course on using Pinterest. This goes into detail and there are good ideas on where to find pictures to pin and how to make sure your pins and boards (explained in the guide) get indexed and ranked in Google. This is similar to Azon Zoom. It shows everything in detail to get you started.


The costs needed for this are the cost of domain name ($10 per year), hosting ($5 per month).

The recommended tool to speed up posting of Amazon products to your blog is $32 but this is not needed.  It helps but is not essential.

This is a low start up cost in terms of money plus there will be time on top of that. If it takes 2 months to start earning you will have to spend $20 plus cost of course before the income starts. From Erica says “I currently average about $9 per month per post and can complete the steps for 10 posts in about 4 days.”  Although this is an average for Erica (not necessarily what you’ll see) it looks like the point it pays for itself is fairly low.

My Decision

This looks a well thought through strategy that I believe has the potential to make some income in a short period of time. My only concern about this is you are dependent on Pinterest for traffic so you have in effect swapped one “master for another,” and they could change their rules like Squidoo before them.

The difference with this is that on Pinterest you are doing what they want and not putting up “thin affiliate” pages. To be successful with this strategy it is volume that is needed.

This is a comprehensive guide that a beginner can implement with step by step instructions to get you up and running with a small cost and not too much time.

With that in mind I believe this is a very good course that gives you a strategy for making money online that is not dependent on Google. It is good for diversifying your income or a good place to start. Even if you don’t want to start another site the tips on using Pinterest will help to use it to get traffic to any of your exist sites too.

You can get Pinfabulous Affiliate by Clicking Here

Next Steps

I am going to implement Pinfabulous Affiliate with the help of my wife (who will be doing the Pinterest part of the strategy) and reporting back. Sign up to my newsletter if you want to find out when I’ve posted an update.

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