Erica Stone’s Flip Your World Review Part 1

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My sites have a habit of losing their rankings in Google just as they start making some money. It feels like a punch in the face when it happens. Because of this I’ve been looking at other ways of getting traffic to my sites and offers and this is where Flip Your World by Erica Stone comes in. The post title is “[AMAZON] No Google, No Backlinks, No Keyword Research – Target any niche FAST without GOOGLE!” – which could have been written with just me in mind.

Why I Chose To Buy And Review

Yesterday I received an email from Erica Stone (I’m on her list). I always open her emails and read what she has to say and usually buy what she has on offer – either her own or affiliate ones.

This product doesn’t actually fit into my goal of mastering YouTube video rankings but it is about getting traffic to offers without relying on Google and instead using Facebook.

Erica’s stuff is top quality and I have a site that has a Facebook page with 466 likes, but has not really made much of an income (a few $ per month only).

The Sales Page

Taking a look at the sales page the first subheading really spoke to me – “Are you an Amazon affiliate who has had it with Google” My answer was a very loud YES!!!

Great, I no longer need them and Facebook is the answer! The big obstacle is then answered – the fact that people don’t go on to facebook to be sold to or buy – they’re there to socialize. But they are consumers and will go with recommendations and social proof if its done the right way. Makes sense so far to me.

Now the promises to me are;

1. Get traffic from Facebook to Amazon without having to get them to your site
2. You don’t need to create a ton of content.
3. Know how to select a profitable niche
4. Use low cost Facebook ads to get more likes plus ways to get them at no cost
5. Detailed instructions on setting up Facebook and Amazon astore the right way
6. You can do this with an existing site if you want and this is discussed in the guide
7. Create an income source using Facebook for customers

Other things I like about the sales page – there are no big promises of riches or pictures of cars or Amazon commission cheques. I do trust Erica so this has helped in making the decision to buy her Flip Your World.

As it is on the Warrior Forum you do get the opportunity to read feedback from other buyers before buying. Looking through the feedback there are a lot of positive comments. There is some talk about how much it is possible to earn using this technique – the example Erica gives is that you could earn $400, but it could be more.

Only concern I have is – will I be splitting my workload too much between this and YouTube. Time will tell.

The Buying Process

This is all pretty straightforward and is through WSO Pro and you are taken to a paypal after you click the buy button. Payment is smooth and you are taken to the download page, click the link and down load a zipped file. There are no OTO’s or any other annoying stuff – no videos etc. Within the zip file you get a PDF document that is 76 pages long. (You access the bonus video mentioned in sales letter by clicking a link within the pdf.)

What’s Inside the Flip Your World PDF

It starts with a disclaimer, then contents and then on to the course. I’ve scanned the contents looking for what to do with an existing site. I can’t see it. I’ll just have to go through it properly to find it.

The introduction gives a nice short overview of who Erica Stone is and why change is good and so is responding to it correctly. I like the positive spin, even if I don’t feel that way when the change impacts me in a negative way. But, you have to pick yourself up and move on.

Next is an overview of the course. This tells you why Facebook – it has 1 billion users, less drop off to offers, less writing but you do need to do things differently. Plus one possible issue is addressed is that being social can be a pain but it doesn’t have to be really that painful and you don’t have to write thousands and thousands of words.

Next is about picking a topic. Basically forget about ranking on Google you are now interested only in what other people are interested and getting them interested in your page. As she said in the sales page the members of Facebook cho0se what they see not Google or Facebook.

The ideas and techniques here look to me that they will work well. I’m not going to do them yet, as I already have a site I want to try this out on. So I might come back to this later.

Now its on to setting up a small site to stay in check with Facebook terms of service. And it is a small site and can be a Blogspot blog (no expense). Again I go quickly through this as I’ve got a site already. It reads well and describes the process in a simple to understand way. There are some good ideas on content as well, so I’ll look at adding them to my existing site. This will help anyone to get started.

Facebook Page Set Up – I’ve done this already and have 466 followers. I’m going to go through this as I’m sure there will be things I’ve could do better. Right, I’ve found one thing I’ll need to do is my header – it needs to be more fun and tie in with my blog header.

At the end of each chapter in the pdf you get the key takeaways which is a handy summary to make sure you picked up everything you need.

So far I’m liking what I’ve read in Flip Your World by Erica Stone.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

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