Erica Stone’s Extreme Review Part 4 Review – Information Posts And Growing

Hi, today I’m back with the next installment of my review of Erica Stone’s Extreme Review. After writing and posting my first 2 reviews on to my Amazon site you’re on to writing more reviews which I am busy doing, but in this post I’m going to look at writing Informational Posts and the next steps in developing your site.

Informational Posts

These are posts that can bring in more buyers to your site and Erica makes a distinction here between posts for people looking to buy and those who have already bought the product. You want to be writing the ones where people are looking for information to help them in their buying decision.

She gives you 6 great ways to come up with tips for finding topics to write about. Her course Amazon Niche Master goes into this in more detail (I’ll review separately).

Next we are on how to go about writing these buyer informational posts where she talks about the ones that convert the best for her, and she details the researching the post needed. Again she includes an example of a post you can look at to give you something to model your post on. I do like examples to follow, and Erica’s do give you something to aspire to.

Various Points

Next is an example of a free plug-in you can use to provide more information, it looks to provide a nice professional looking finish.

It’s important to keep on writing posts and have a schedule for writing and posting. Good advice – I wish I could stick to this good habit myself. (I’ve been reading about forming better habits – I like James Clear’s blog for this – in case you’re interested he has some good stuff).

There are some good ideas on other companies you can promote alongside Amazon.

Promoting Your Site

There is some good discussion on building backlinks to your site and how that is frowned upon by Google. I like the discussion about natural and forced backlinking. I like her view on this and will be using this with my site when I get up to this point (Did I mention that writing the reviews can take a long time!)

After this discussion we are on to the steps you can take to promote your site that shouldn’t be outside of Google terms of service. It’s all logically presented and makes sense to me.There isn’t any spamming or buying links involved.

What has surprised me in a good way is that the site I am building following this training which only has 3 posts is currently ranking in position number 32 in Google for the keyword “product name review” without any promotion or back linking. This is very interesting and encouraging to me.

So any promoting and back linking should help I hope. There is some good detailed steps on what to do and what to include on the sites you are using to promote your site. Plus there is some more good advice on making sure your content is high quality as that is the best way to attract natural back links to your site.

Next are the steps you should be taking after you publish a post.

Growing Your Site

The course finishes with tips on growing your site from a small niche site to an authority site in your niche. Also provided which is very interesting is how one of her sites developed from Month 2 of its’ life to Month 9 and the steady growth in visitors and sales. It grows steadily up to a nice solid income after month 6 and depending on niche you’re in can continue to grow it or if you want you can start on a new site. Erica gives you a commission number where she thinks you should look at making that choice.

The course finishes with a handy checklist you can tick off as you complete each of the steps.

My Thoughts So Far

So far I’m enjoying this course and getting a lot out of it. It’s taking me longer to research and write the reviews than I expected but they have turned out well so far (even if I say so myself). I’m going to continue on with this course to see how it goes.

I’ll be looking at some of the courses that Erica has released that provide more detail over the next few days along with updates on my site as it develops and let you know if I come across any problems as I go.

So, overall I think this is an excellent course to get started earning a solid income from Amazon. It shows you how to create a site that adds value to the visitor which should mean it will produce a solid income over the long term. It is a longer term strategy than some others out there but I think this will work out better over time as you are building it on a solid base. If only I’d started it earlier.

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