Erica Stone’s Extreme Review And Straight Line Passive Amazon Commissions Review Update No 16

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Extreme Review And Straight Line Passive Amazon Commissions Review Update 16It’s another month now with my Extreme Review and Straight Line sites that I’ve earned over $1k.

Unfortunately the increase in commissions reversed rather than climbing upwards it went downwards.

I think this may be in part due to one of the sites being in a niche that benefited from new year resolutions. with traffic being down and also conversions rate on Amazon and average sale value being down too.

What I Did In February

I added 6 reviews and 2 information posts to my two blogs. I thought I was being more productive than that. I need to up that in March. So the position at end of February is:

Total Reviews #102 (Blog 1 #39, Blog 2 #63)

Total Unique Google Visits #13,130 (January #15,105)

Total Commissions Earned $1,213.89 (January $2,062.95)

What Happened?

I did move into a related niche on my #2 Blog publishing 5 reviews and 2 information type posts.

These again are long review posts as the result of researching each of the products in depth. I used a simple and obvious technique from the Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Masterclass course to track clicks and conversions for the month from this new niche. So the result of those posts was the following: clicks to Amazon #91, Sales #7, commissions $77.50.

Looking at the results again. I use Microsite Masters to track my rankings. According to that tool my Google rankings are keywords up # 57 /keywords down # 9 and that looks right when I check manually so I don’t think there has been a decline in my sites rankings.

I’m putting it down to a reduction in total searches at the moment! And see what March brings!

Next Steps

During March I’m going to continue to add content to both blogs – more than I did in February – I think at least 10 reviews and 10 info posts in total

Plus I’ve got one info post that is ranking at number one that gets a reasonable amount of traffic but doesn’t really convert into clicks either to Amazon or other pages in the site. So I’m going to start tracking it properly and add techniques from the How To Write Blog Posts That Convert and What Works Now and see what happens. A test!

On one of my blogs I have a number of posts that have dropped in rankings considerably for some reason – I’m going to make some changes to one of the posts initially, to see if that can bring it up in the rankings and get it ranking where people might find it!
That should keep me out of trouble for the month and hopefully the earnings will start back on an increasing track.

Are These 2 Courses Worth It?

I don’t think there is any method out there for long term success which also gives you an overnight success. I know there are too many courses that promise riches tomorrow with what seems to be push of a button.

You may be able to do that if you are experienced marketer and have a big following already but starting from scratch takes time especially if you’ve no experience in marketing.

The courses Extreme Review and Straight Line definitely haven’t been an overnight success method for me, I didn’t think they would be and I don’t think that is where long term success happens online just like the real world. But my success with them is building (even if I’ve seen a dip in February).

It has taken me just under 2 years to get to $1000 per month but my second blog got to that number in less than 12 months (it brings in the bulk of the income).

I think if you can write in a more personal and unique way (more so than me) you can start to see some success within a few months and even get to a $1000 especially if you can write quicker

My answer to my question at the beginning is yes. That’s why I’m continuing on writing more posts while testing out things learned from Pajama Affiliates and What’s Working Now on posts that aren’t ranking or converting as well as I’d like.

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