Erica Stone’s Extreme Review And Straight Line Passive Amazon Commissions Review Update No 15

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IExtreme Review And Straight Line Passive Amazon Commissions Review‘ve just realized I’m now I am earning a 4 figure monthly income with my Extreme Review and Straight Line Passive Amazon Commissions blogs. And it is for the third month in a row and increasing. How did that happen!

It might be low 4 figures but it is a start. I’d love to keep the growth rate going for the next 3 months (and beyond).

First up is:

What I Did In January

I’ve been growing the blogs – well really one of them mostly – expanding it into a related niche as I had more or less run out of products to review at the time. I’m still making some changes to the structure after asking Erica Stone (creator of the products) for some ideas on the website structure.

In total I added 11 reviews and 8 information posts to the blogs in total. They now have the following:

Total Reviews #96 (Blog 1 #38 / Blog 2 #58)

Total Unique Google Visits #15,105 (December #12279)

Total Commissions $2062.95 (December $1623.96)

(see all income expenses of blog here)

How Did That Happen?

It is a nice steady increase in earnings from the review blogs. The decrease that I expected to see in January didn’t happen with more traffic and sales due I guess to one of the niches being fitness and health related plus better rankings.

This result has come from writing the best reviews I can, sometimes over 5000 words to get everything down I think is relevant to visitors. The only backlinking is from social media accounts. There is no forcing of links. No email list

It is a slow process and a frustrating one. Waiting for Google to rank on its own is like watching paint dry. It never is quick enough.

Many of the posts are on page 1 now with plenty more on page 2. When I write a post most of them arrive in at page 2 or 3 after indexing them and slowly creep up the rankings – there are some that go the wrong way which I’ve not yet worked out why.

I’ve focused more on adding more content rather than looking at the poor performers to get more content out there.

I do feel the results here (which I am pleased with but I know they are long way off being stellar) are the result of persistent effort rather than writing or reporting talent. If you had more writing talent and wrote in a friendlier more personal way the results would be better. Also if I had an eye for design it would help too.

I feel these 2 things would help the performance by getting more engagement and interaction (including natural links) that would help rankings and also conversions (clicks over to Amazon).

Next Steps

This is going to seem boring. And that was one of the reasons I stopped reporting back on my progress. I don’t think it seems that much fun talking about adding more reviews and information posts to a blog. It isn’t exciting but it works!

For February I’m going to be adding more reviews and information posts to my blogs. I’ll be expanding into a related niche and putting a seprate tracking code on them this time (i didn’t on the previous related niche ) so I can track easir when clicks happen and also sales to see how that is working (I got that from the Pajama Affiliates course – obvious I know). But that is it for the blogs – nothing exciting – but hopefully effective in building on January’s results – another 27% increase would be great to see!


Are They Worth It

Extreme Review and Straight Line Passive Amazon Commissions get the thumbs up from me.

They’re not a road to overnight success. They do take work, patience, determination and persistence to get them to work. You may not even make money for a few month – it took me 6 months before I saw anything from my first blog, the second was quicker at 2 months.

I did have help in setting up these blogs. I took part in Erica’s email coaching courses – which includes much hand holding for 8 weeks. But these 2 courses are the basis of the training given in the coaching. You can achieve the same without the coaching – but it is easier with it.

For this to work you need to be able to write in reasonable English, be prepared to be frustrated when researching, keep digging and put all you can in to writing the best review on the products – not just a simple rewording/summary of the top 4 reviews on Amazon. If you do that you’ve got the basis of a solid income. It needs to add value.

I believe, if you are prepared to do that then this is course that can build a solid income, based on my results I’ve discussed here.

It is a simple business and you don’t have to spend your time trying to “outsmart” Google and be left with ashes when it get burns down (I know some people seem to be able to do this successfully – I’ve not been able to do that). Instead you can end up with a business that helps others as well as provide a solid income for you.

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