Erica Stone’s Extreme Review 2016 Update Review Part 2

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extreme_review_2016It’s been a bit of a break since I was going through the Extreme Review 2016 Update. I’ve been busy with posting on my Extremes sites and trying out one of the suggestions for information type posts from he bonus guide Amazon Niche Master.

But before talking about that I need to get back to the main guide.

The Main Guide Continued

After writing reviews and information posts there is a section on preparing tables that help visitors compare products. I like these – I like using them and I like preparing them because you can get a lot of content in a small space -you can sort them by feature etc.

After this is a section on the importance of internal linking – it’s probably something I don’t do enough.  Next is on whether to allow comments. It makes sense to me.

Then there is a section on speeding up your sites.  That was worth going through. I’ve not done it for a while and I’ve got some things I need to do to speed one of my sites up.

There’s a lot to go through in that section in setting up plug ins. You do need to take it slowly – well I did anyway.

Then it’s on to talking about Traffic from Pinterest and Facebook. There are links to 2 courses here: Pinplosion and  Social Blast. I’ve got both and although I’ve dabbled with both I’ve not really put in the time to get them right –  I do need to get over my lack of effort in these areas.

When I went through both courses they both are good I just didn’t follow through with them.

Earnings Progression In First 9 Months

Next up is a very interesting section on how sites earn over a period month 2 to month 9 on average when Erica is setting one up. She adds a lot more posts then I do in that period and also makes much more income too. It gives you a good idea of what is needed. I need to get quicker at writing!

I certainly need to get busy with promotion of my site as well.

After that is a section on backlinks. She doesn’t do any except for social media.  This is the process I’ve been following – don’t build backlinks.

There is a short section on using other stores than Amazon to build affiliate links to. I’ve not done that yet – but it is a good idea.

The last section is on growth strategies to put in place to develop and grow your site. There are good ideas in here and there are 3 that I’m going to be implementing on my sites this month.

It finishes with a checklist which is handy. It saves you going through all the pages – definitely worth printing that off.

That the main guide done. An excellent report and it’s been well worth going through it again.

On to

Amazon Niche Master

I’ve been going through this guide as I write information posts for my review sites. I’ve had it for awhile and forgot about it. I wish I hadn’t.

It has 10 ideas for writing information posts. You also get a template PDF.  It’s 29 pages long and starts with a short introduction of Erica.

Then it’s on to why you should use information type posts as well as review posts. It makes good sense to me.

Following on from this are the detailed descriptions of the 10 information post types. As I said at the beginning I’ve been using them this week to write posts. They’ve helped me come up with more ideas for these posts – both in coming up with ideas and how to lay them out.

It’s a very good guide.

I was going to go through the Ninja Reviews and WordPress Set Up today but it’s taken longer to get through the site speed section of the main guide then I expected – so I’ll finish this off on Monday now. The Ninja Reviews is a 61 page PDF and the WordPress Set Up is 23 pages long.

Thoughts To Date

The Extreme Review Update 2016 is just as good as I remember and the Amazon Niche Master guide is better than I remember – there are 10 fantastic ideas in there for writing information posts to help you get more traffic and help your visitors.

The guide is well laid out and easy to follow along to. It is very step by step. It would have been good if there’d been more on the Pinterest and Facebook in it but that not mentioned on the sales page. – just be nice to have.

Everything is laid out in a logical and clear way making it easy to follow along to and implement.. It’s great for beginners as well as those that have an Amazon affiliate site that’s not earning.

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