Erica Stone’s Extreme Review 2016 Update Review Part 1

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extreme_review_2016Yesterday Erica Stone released Extreme Review 2016 Update that brings her best course up to date.

As I have a previous version I get this new version at no cost. That’s great. From her email it has an updated niche research and competition analysis, site speed improvements, traffic and growth strategies, updated review formatting, updated comparison table, Ninja Reviews , Amazon Niche Master and WordPress set up.

If buying it for the first time there are no upsells to get through, you just get the course and spreadsheets in a zipped file.

What You Get.

There are 5 reports you receive and the niche idea spreadsheet in 4 formats. The reports are:

Extreme Review

WordPress Set Up Instructions

Niche Reviews Bonus

Amazon Niche Master

Amazon Niche Master Templates

It’s been awhile since I’ve been through the course so this is going to be refresher for me as well as a review.

Starting with the main guide:

Extreme Review Guide

It is pdf that has a total of 105 pages long. It has a disclaimer to start with and then it is on to the contents.

On to the guide proper and there is an introduction to Erica and the course. Interesting to read about Erica and also the thinking and why her reviews and course is the way it is. She emphasizes writing the best reviews and putting in hard work.

Then follows a very good definition of what these reviews and sites are about. I agree with it and it is something I try to do in my reviews. I guess my agreement is be expected seeing I’ve been building review sites following this course.

After that it’s on to the course proper and generating niche ideas on what your review site is to focus on.  There are 4 good ways of generating possible niches and checking that Amazon has products.

After that it is assessing the ideas to see which ones are best for building a review site around. This section is a bit boring to do but worth it to ensure you don’t waste your time on something too competitive or there isn’t enough interest in it.

It’s very methodical and logical. It does leave you with niches that you should be able to write reviews and earn an income from.  You put your ideas into the niche idea website to assess and eliminate the ones that don’t meet the criteria. I now use a tool like jaaxy to do some of this – it’s not free but does save on some of the tedious work – but either way works.

There’s a good section on how to choose between your niches that have made the cut and how to think through them.

Next there are good tips on choosing a domain name for your site, there’s also help in generating a name too.  This is always frustrating no matter how you do it but needs to be done. The steps are easy to follow.

Then it’s about buying the domain name and hosting, it comes with step by step instructions.

There is a demo site to help you see what you’re site will look like – it’s always good to see an example (probably not as good as seeing as an active site like in the Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course). It does make a little money though even though it is just to be used as an example.

Here you go to another pdf report to set up a WordPress site. I’m going to skip this for now and move on through the course. I’ll come back to it later.

Review Writing And More

There is now a section on writing reviews and what you cover and why. It is an important section on why these reviews work. The instructions for writing a review are included in the Niche Reviews bonus pdf – I’m going to carryon through the report and come back to that.

Then there are good tips to get the article indexed and making sure you’ve not used a keyword too much one you’ve written your review.

Next it is on to a different type of post that can help people in their buying decisions. There is a good overview here of who you are writing the articles to help.

There are some ideas on how to find subjects to write about and the jaaxy keyword tool is a great help here I’ve found. But you can do this for free too using Google as shown in the course.

For more on this and ideas you go to the Amazon Niche Master guide that discusses these information posts in more detail and guides you through the various types. Again I’ll come back to this after I’ve been through the main guide.

There is some guidance in the main guide on writing information post and she lets you know the best converting one is – I didn’t know that so that is good to know. I need to write more of those!

There’s a link to an informational post example but it doesn’t seem to be working and I can’t see it in the guide. (It might be in the bonus guide.)

Then there is writing more posts and a quick checklist for what to do for publishing a post.

I’m about 3/4s of the way through the main guide. I’m going to stop here for now and finish it off tomorrow.

Thoughts So Far.

For me the Extreme Review 2016 Update guide is as good as I remembered. It has been worthwhile going through it again and it emphasized some  things and there a couple of things I learned too.

So all in all a good experience going through the guide. The niche selection is where I’ve noticed the most change. As I have 2 sites already it doesn’t have that much impact on me.

For a beginner this is a great guide to start with – it is methodical and gives you a great chance of choosing a profitable niche if you are prepared to work hard in researching and write reviews that help the customer.

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