Erica Stone’s Amazon Niche Master Review Part 1 – 10 Strategies

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Today I’m continuing on my series going through Erica Stone’s courses that support her blueprint Extreme Review by looking at her course Amazon Niche Master. It is a course first released in April 2012. So. I’ll be looking to see if it is still relevant today after the many changes that have happened since then.

As always I’ll start with a look at:

The Sales Page

It’s a simple layout and very direct to the point. Reading through it I am wondering what the difference is between this product and Use Your Words. It talks about knowing what to write about to attract people interested in buying the products you have reviewed.

What I am going to get is10 master strategies to find unlimited content. There are bullet points on what you are going to get and it looks like she works through an example to illustrate how to do this. I like examples.

Next we’re on to some proof graphics where she shows the traffic for one month from one of her sites and the earnings for 12 months from the same site. It’s an impressive $30,593.50. (Well it’s impressive to me). It also seems that she earns more from the site than this with Amazon but the amount isn’t revealed.

There is a bonus of 10 templates to help with the writing of these posts.

Then next up is the buy button and some testimonials.

As you might have guessed I already bought this and then let it sit on my hard drive. I’m resurrecting today and going to work through it at last.

The Buying Process

This all went smoothly and used the WSO process. There are no upsells or downsells or anything else, which is always a pleasant surprise. You get a zipfile to download on to your computer. It contains two pdf documents – the main guide and article templates.

The Main Guide

I’m going to start with the main guide. It is 30 pages long, is the first thing I notice.

After the cover and disclaimer which I don’t stop to read I’m on to the contents page. Looking at this there maybe a small overlap with Use Your Words on one of the types of posts but this looks like it uses different strategies to work out what to write. It doesn’t seem to be about using keywords to do this.

The first part is an introduction to Erica and the guide. It promises the guide will deliver a few aha moments. We shall see. It emphasizes that is about informational posts and not reviews.

Now we’re onto what informational articles are and why you want to write them. It’s to do with more traffic and helping you to get that traffic over to Amazon and buying through your link. (The articles need to useful to visitor too.)

It explains that potential buyers don’t just search for the product name and reviews, they want other information as well to help them out when they are shopping. There is a nice graphic that shows this very clearly.

The guide then talks about all the other things they can do for your site and help to improve the authority of your site to visitors and Google. There are some good points made here.

Next it’s on to the

Content Finding Strategies

Before starting on this there is a good discussion on who to write for. This makes sense.

The first content is where there is some overlap with Use Your Words. This is a very popular form of content both with bloggers and readers.But in this guide she adds some research you can do to write the post more fully.  Some very good ideas on how to get the information for the post together.There is some good detail points on doing your research properly to write the best post possible.

I’ve now opened the templates to take a look at how the post should look like. Okay it looks like I expected and there are some good points on what to include in each section.

You could say it is an obvious post to write and is nothing new but the difference in this guide is you get information on how to get the information to write it.

My Initial Thoughts

Some great stuff in this guide so far that will really help me get more content on my review site I’m setting up following Erica’s coaching. (I’ve now written 5 review posts). Although I’ve just gone through the first strategy I can see from this (I hope) that there is going to some good stuff here.

It’s the strategy itself plus how to implement it that I like about the guide so far. It’s not just a description of the strategy it goes into detail about how to implement it.

This will help me a great deal to add different posts to my site. You don’t need to have followed the guides in this series to get a lot of this. It is worth checking out if you are struggling with ideas to write useful content about on your review site.

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