Erica Stone’s 1…2…3 One Hour Affiliate Review Part 2 (Implementing)

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Today, I’m working through the 1, 2, 3 One Hour Affiliate main manual to getting started and get a blog up and running using the instructions.

My understanding is that I can get a blog up and running in an hour with it ready for generating an income, although that will take sometime depending on the blog and niche.

Opening up the main guide, it starts with a disclaimer and content. It looks well laid out and step by step. It is 81 pages long including cover, disclaimer and resources.

First section is an introduction. It starts with Erica briefly going through her experience and offering her email address for contacting her with questions about the course. That is not something many people offer so openly. That is great to see. I do know from personal experience (with Extreme Review and her coaching) that she does respond to emails too.

Next it is on to an explanation of affiliate marketing and how much it is possible to make from being an Amazon Associate (affiliate). She has made some good money from it too. All by herself without any outsourcing. Unfortunately, I’m not close to her numbers, yet.

Next she talks about how she has instructions on what you need to do if you aren’t an Amazon Associate (I am so not really for me). Also she mentions what you can do if you are living in a state that where you aren’t allowed to be an Associate.

After that it is on to how you are solving a problem for people looking for gifts for people with a certain interest that they’ve not been able to find any other way when searching Amazon or Google until you put up your site.

Following this guide you can go from choosing a niche, setting up a blog, make changes and have your first product blog up in 1 hour. Sounds good.
Then we’re into choosing a gifts niche. There are plenty of examples that fall into 3 broad categories.

It’s best to choose a niche that you’re interested in or know someone who is. This makes sense as you can write some insight about a product to add some value to the person looking for the product.

There are some good ideas in the list but I’ve got one in mind already that I’m going to use. After that its setting up a blogger blog (although you can set up a WordPress one if you like).

There are some warnings about what can happen to your blog if Google doesn’t like what you write or changes its’ mind on what it thinks is acceptable.

I’m going to start with a Blogger blog to see how this strategy works out. I can always move it later if I want. I’m not sure how you do that but I’ll find out when I need to.

Here we go into setting up a blog. It starts with going to blogger. The first thing is thinking up a name. That is always a pain thinking up a name and finding something that hasn’t been taken.

There are 58 steps to setting up the blog. That is tough especially having to make dinner in the middle of it. The instructions themselves are well structured and easy to follow even with interruptions.

After that is making your post. There is a warning here about making sure your post is unique and you don’t use the same words too many times or end up with something that repeats what is already available. I hope I’ve done it right!

I’ve taken a copy of what I’ve written and saved it in a notepad file so I can share it with Erica if I get a slap i.e. the blog being deleted.

Can it be done in an hour? Yes it can if you are organized and don’t have any distractions and that is taking slowly too. You do need to be careful when copying and pasting that you get that right or your links to Amazon won’t work properly.

There is a section on what you need to do if you aren’t an Amazon associate. There is some information about adding additional posts you’ll need to do before applying over and above product posts – I might do those too anyway to add some more content to my site so I’m adding more value to visitors and be fun to write too.

Then it’s on to getting indexed in Google. The instructions are fine. I followed the instructions but my post didn’t get indexed in 2 minutes. Still not there after 10 minutes. I’ll check again in 20 minutes. The blog itself is in the index just not the post.
The final section of the book is about how to scale it up and ensuring you don’t repeat the same heading type all the time and other types of posts. The big idea is to do plenty of posts – you can probably do one in 15 minutes or so.


So that is a new blog set up and my first post done. It can all be done in an hour too. So far I’m liking the 1,2,3 One Hour Affiliate. It is easy to get up and running it can be done by anyone who wants to. My daughter is looking at using this to start a blog. When she does that I’ll provide an update on how she found it.

For now I’ve copied my post to notepad just to be safe. After 1/2 hour the first post is yet to be indexed – disappointing but hopefully it will turn up soon. I’ll add more posts tomorrow and report how that is going. After that I’ll aim to report on progress. That’s all for now.

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