Erica Stone’s 1…2…3 One Hour Affiliate Review Part 1

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Erica Stone’s latest product 1,2,3 One Hour Affiliate very interesting and quick to implement

All the Erica Stone products I’ve bought in the past have been well put together and easy to follow and implement. I’ve been following her Extreme Review and Straight Line (which I will update this week – it’s been awhile!)

I’m hoping the 1,2,3 One Hour Affiliate won’t lives up to those expectations and I can successfully implement.

The Sales Letter

It has a nice graphic at the top and the words no up sells, no hosting or domain expense or no keyword research. I like the sound of that.

Okay even better you can have it up and running in an hour. Really!

There a little bit in a highlight box that gets you alongside on that promise.

The next part explains more about the strategy and why to use Blogger for the strategy – I’ve always been worried about Blogger as they might delete your blog without warning (see below). It’s also bit about what it isn’t – you’re not trying to game the system with private blog networks or purchased backlinks and the like..

It looks like she provides a template to make it easier for the blog to rank.

It does all sound very simple with only 5 sentences to write and some copy/pasting to do especially if each post takes only 15 minutes.

Next up is good to see inside the product with a table of contents, what you get and what you learn. There is a bonus too, if you want to set up a WordPress blog.

This is all good stuff and I like the way you know what you are getting and what’s involved from the sales letter – none of the mystery that you get with some sales letters.

Wow – below the buy button she gives a contact email. Erica has always been helpful but she seems to be even more so now.

Next is a warning about your blogger blog being deleted and what may have caused it and how to avoid it plus an offer of help to prevent it happening again.

So it is a gift site that works all year round not just Christmas, without much writing involved, you can set up in an hour and get 4 posts up in an hour. It can be used with Amazon or other shopping sites with an affiliate program.

There is no promises of unlimited wealth or any ata all or how quickly.

I’ll think I’ll check the other posts to see if there is anything else:

The Other Posts


There’s an interesting review that talks about you making a site for people who buy for others who have a hobby, passion or profession. He even does do some keyword research that seems to conform that there are people searching for these (between 1600 and 4400 per month) sites and you can rank for them quickly as there isn’t much competition.

Further down someone has asked the question and Erica says it is possible to turn one of the sites into a 4 figure site – with a large volume of posts or she has other strategies to get traffic to the site too. She says it is very much like Squidoo in its heyday (it closed a lot of accounts all of a sudden – I guess it could happen again – unlikely).

You get people to your site as they type in obscure searches that don’t show someone what they want in Amazon because of the way the posts are written to attract visitors from uncommon keyword searches (long tail).

She advises you do 2 sites at the most to build them in depth and if you already have sites making money to stick to them. Oh well – I’m going to ignore that last part but I’ll stick to 2 sites only as recommended.

There is a lot of talk about blogs being deleted for being spam. Erica does address them but it does seem a real issue that you need to be aware of. On the sales page it does talk about her helping you if your blog is deleted – at least it looks like it happens early on at least.

There has been more advice added to the guide to help with this and PotPie Girl has come out with a bonus guide too.

There is a lot in there with the biggest points being that you need to be careful when setting up a blogger blog, it will rank naturally, you should pick something you are interested in and you can earn $1k or more per month.

So a bit of a long time going through that but here we go with buying.

The Buying Process


Easy and there are no up sells as promised.. All went well and you get taken back to Warrior after paying through Paypal. You get a zip file for downloading to your computer.

What Do You Get

In the zipfile you get 5 files:

Read me first text

Main Guide (pdf)

SEO Edits for Blogger html for posting into blogger (text)

Blogger Post Code (text)

WordPress Set up for use if you want to use it (pdf).

Opening up the read me file tells you the main guide is what you work though and the other files are if you can’t access the code online and/or want to set up in WordPress.

Initial Thoughts

That took me longer than usual – going through the thread – so I’m going to have to come back to setting up the blog in my next post.

So far with 1 2 3 One Hour Affiliate I’ve liked the way Erica has been helping people with issues and provided her email for support. This all makes me feel that this is something that is going to work well as Erica is putting a lot of time and effort into it.

I like the fact that she’ll help you by looking at your blog or posts from a deleted blog (if you’ve saved them) to ley you know where you wnet wrong if you run into problems with blogger.

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