Erica Stone Extreme Review Review – A Step By Step Guide?

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I’ve had Extreme Review sitting on my hard drive for a number of years. I’ve dabbled in using it a number of times and even printed it out but I never used it properly. Too busy with shortcuts and other strategies to really put it in place.

With Erica recently releasing Ninja Reviews it seemed a good time to review this product as the two go together and I am also taking part in an 8 week coaching program with Erica to start an Extreme Review site.

So I’m already sold on the product, but I’ll go through what I like about it by going through the normal steps, I’ll also do side reviews of some of Erica’s related products where I think they’ll fit in nicely as I fully implement the strategy.

The Sales Page

The warrior forum post is titled “$2000+ month Amazon Review Sites – 3+ Years Passive Income Strategy Google Loves – Total Blueprint ” I’d like to earn that in total but from one site would be great! (But what about Google changes).

The course was updated in 2013 – so it should  be current.  Next is about creating a review site where you get links from Amazon, manufacturers and other authority sites.

The next part is about how the strategy has been working for 3 years and is still working. A site she has worked on this year is ranking on page 1 and 2 for buying keywords with only a few social bookmarks being shared by Erica. I like the idea of this, as you can spend a lot of time or a lot of money backlinking rather than spend it on content or having fun!

Important point she makes is that she does it all herself, so it can be done by one person starting out and in your spare time too.

There is then a list of the benefits of this strategy from writing real reviews – you get other people commenting and sharing it for you, a long term asset you can sell,  earn an income everyday from Amazon and not blackhat gaming of Google.

Then there’s a list of what you get and what is covered by the 80 Extreme Review guide. It looks a good step by step guide to get you up and running with Amazon review sites. Plus you get to see a site that Erica has built for demonstration purposes. I always like to see something like this because it gives you something to compare and use as a model.

Next up who it is for and I can say yes to all five of the bullet points. As you know from the top of the post I’ve already bought this.

A good sales page with no wild promises of “crushing it” or any other distractions

The Buying Process

This was all very straight forward with no up sells and you get a zip file that you download to your computer. Just need to unzip and get started!

My Thoughts About It

I’ve been trying to think why I just added this to my collection of IM Products on my hard drive and never really set about implementing it fully.

I have played with it and used it a bit on one of my Amazon sites which made a bit of money. It got traffic with the help of some forced backlinking until it fell out of favor.

I think I was looking for something that seemed like I’d get a quicker result, which seems funny now I’ve seen the light 🙂 The famous shiny new object syndrome (see my post on Tiffany Lambert’s product to get over it: here) Enough looking back and feeling sorry about what could have been. It’s time to make a course correction and get back to moving in the right direction.

This is not a push button solution and will take work to implement, and there is nothing in the sales page that says otherwise. But, what I have come to appreciate more about the training is that if implemented as instructed there is a real possibility of building a long term income producing asset that gives real value to the people who visit. It will stand out from the crowd!

You can see from the comments on the warrior forum that this is a product that has stood the test of time for IM products and Erica has updated to make it more effective.

My intention now is to write about my adventures in implementing Extreme Review and let you know what worked and what I didn’t like over the next few weeks and months.

I’ll still be using Profit With Hangouts and Power Slam 2.0 to rank videos and probably buy other products as well to write about but my main focus will be to build an Amazon review site based on this course. (Not forgetting to throw some RAM tests too).

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