Erica Stone Azon Zoom Review Part 1 – The Total Amazon Associate Strategy

I am on Erica Stone’s email list and she recently sent me an email about her new Amazon training course – Azon Zoom – The A – Z Program for Amazon Associates.  As it’s from Erica I’ m interested and I have had some limited success with Amazon so that’s another reason for taking a look.

I’ll be reviewing this in detail but I do have high expectations this will be a quality course full of actionable content based on my previous experience with Erica courses.

The sales page. 

The top of the page says “You Can’t Fail – Total Amazon Associate Strategy with FREE email coaching bonus!” (Let’s hope so).

It’s not too long and there doesn’t appear to be any wild promises. It’s much as I’d expect from Erica Stone, with it being straight to the point telling you what you’ll get. Everything is pretty much spelled out.

First off you get to know what you’re getting ,which is great seeing this at the top and not hidden somewhere or not mentioned at all.

Next is what can be a big issue for anyone marketing online – writing content. There’s some reassurance as to what it takes to write successfully as an Amazon affiliate. (I often struggle with this).

Then it’s an overview of the training modules and a description of the email training which looks to be great at keeping you on track.

At the end there is a good schedule giving you important information about any duplication with previous courses, no domain hosting plus what requirements you need. I’ve got the courses mentioned but it sounds there is enough additional stuff to make it worth investing. It’s not a very “salesy” sales page which is good in my book.

The Buying Process

This is all straightforward and there are no upsells as promised. You pay using PayPal and you get a winzip file to download.

What do you receive?

Within the winzip file are 8 PDFs and a text file. The PDF files are: the 7 modules of the course and 1 PDF with the writing templates. The text file is titled read me first.

The read me first file gives the details of the course and where to sign up for the email coaching program.

Now I’m going to go through the first module and let you know what I think. It’s a 10 page PDF that gives an overview of the course and the email coaching.

The email coaching looks like a good way to keep you accountable, and you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to. But I’m sure there will be some good tips given with email training too.

Next is the discussion about the basics of affiliate marketing and Amazon’s program.

Then there’s some good points on the commission rate on Amazon being low but there are other benefits to Amazon that make it a good program to promote.

It finishes with good overview of the marketing cycle.

It is a short PDF but has lots of good content for someone new to being an Amazon Affiliate.

So that’s it for this post. So far the course has lived up to my expectations of being a good course for beginners and you can get your copy of Azon Zoom by clicking here.

I’ll be working through the modules to set up an Amazon affiliate site as per the Azon site to test whether the strategy works. I’ll be posting my progress on this blog.

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