Earning An Income From YouTube Through Launch Jacking

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Today, I’ve got a different post, I’m not reviewing a product but updating a strategy I was using before I got involved in my Straight Line review site. The reason being that I’ve earned $40 from it in the last week or so even though I stopped doing anything on it 3 months ago.

I know the amount of money is small. But it is something to do once I complete my current project – there is only so many hours you can work on internet marketing when you are fitting it around work and family life.

This income was the result of launch jacking new WSO and JVZoo products in the internet marketing niche. My success in doing this was the result of following 5 different WSO and combining them together to come up with something that worked for me.

What Did I Do?

There were 2 courses that came out just before Christmas 2013 that I bought Emergency Christmas Cash and Launch Jacking Boss. These products both showed you how to pick products to launch jack, make videos and rank them on YouTube and Google. They both are good at showing you where to find products to promote and how to create a video to talk about the products. They both include examples of videos to give you a template for your own. They are simple short videos.

I changed what they used to produce videos (although I stuck to how they said to structure the video and what to say on the video). I used Google Hangouts to make my videos and the course I followed on that was Profit With Hangouts. It showed you how to use them so you can use them on your own and not appear on them. A later course that looks good too is Super Simple Hangouts – which is more up to date (although a few months old now!) it is more nuts and bolts – so makes it a good place to start.

The final part is ranking the videos whether you use Google hangouts (which aren’t too bad once you’ve done a few) is to rank them. There were two courses I followed – IM Power Club by Clive McGonigal and YouTube Power Slam 3.0 (the update to Power Slam 2.0). These 2 courses go through how to rank without being too aggressive. There is lots of great content in both courses with YouTube Power Slam 3.0 probably the best for beginners as it goes over the basics well.

This is just a brief overview of how I’ve used a number of IM Products together to come up with a way to make an income.

I did move away from doing videos to creating a review site as mentioned in the introduction. I felt this was a better way to create a long term income (we shall see). I had some good success with YouTube videos where I made a few hundred dollars but it meant I couldn’t concentrate on the review site. However, it does work if you are prepared to put in the work and learn as you go. There are always new products to promote and some will be winners and other won’t. It is a numbers game to a certain extent.


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