Covert Niche Authority Review Part 2 – Next Steps

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Hi there, I’m back today with the 2nd part of my review of Barb Ling’s Covert Niche Authority. I got some good stuff from the first part of going through the review, so I’m looking forward to going through the rest of the guide and getting more tips and ideas to build authority with my niche sites.

I’m looking at Step 3 which is called “Put It All Together.” She then takes a bit of a diversion with links to some amusing videos and then we’re quickly back to getting the most out of Google to build your authority. She shows a very quick and powerful way you can use it to build your authority with a real live example. She goes through five actions with some great resources for making this easier and quicker.

Next it is about next steps and putting into practice. I’ve just started doing this and I will let you know how this works out for me in getting traffic and building my authority. It’s definitely a very practical guide and well written.

There is also a bonus called Authority Commander: Social Forces which is a 28 page PDF document. After a brief introduction you are into a way of using Facebook to build your authority by providing new and valuable information. I’ve never really thought of using Facebook as a way to gather information to use to position yourself as the expert by being a leader in your niche.

And if you can’t get what you need from Facebook she has some ideas on how to get it using Google. It then goes through a worked example of when she found a topic that met her criteria. There are links to the content she created.

The report then goes on to how you can leverage this information to make money from it. There are links to 6 cheat sheets to help you in creating products. They all look like very good and give you loads of resources to help you out.

There are some bonuses from other marketers that look interesting from other marketers on facebook, product creation, affiliate marketing and email list building from marketers like Marlon Sanders, Don Wilson etc.

Next there is information on how you can promote your product. There is lots of good information in here, I just don’t think I am ready to do this yet of developing and selling a product but when I do this is a place to come back to. I know it’s something I should do but I do like affiliate marketing angle of not having to worry about after sale customer care too much. My current strategy is to concentrate on my Straight Line review site (update 7 here) and get that to making an income.

Thoughts And Next Steps

Covert Niche Authority provides lots of actionable content that is easy to follow and put in to place. Once you have a niche this is a good way to get yourself known as an authority in your niche and get targeted traffic back to your site. It is good for beginners with simple to follow instructions. There are probably some good ideas in here for finding and using information for more experienced marketers too.

My aim here is to start using the information in the main guide to build up my authority for this site by setting aside some time each week. The information in the  first parts of the bonus guide is something I’ll test out too, so expect to see some different types of posts on this blog in the near future.

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