Clive McGonigals Tube Implant – Tube Illuminati Review Part 3

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Today, I’m looking at Tube Implant module, one of the bonuses you get when you buy Tube Illuminati. These modules are all within Clive McGonigal’s IM Power Club. (which he doesn’t promote separately for some reason). The two previous modules I’ve been through have been full of useful and actionable information. So, i have high hopes for this module.

What Do You Get

It starts with an explanation of the process, and then there are 11 instructional videos on how to implement using different video making software. Then there is a section of graphic you can use in the method and then 3 more instructional videos.

I’m starting where I’ve been told to – through the Google doc explaining the method. This is a clever way to get around the fact that YouTube switches from the About page to the Share page at the end of the video, which sort of the defeats the purpose of saying click the link in the description below.

There are detailed instructions on how to set this up with images showing you how to set this method up so you can get more clicks on your videos to your offer or affiliate offer.

Okay I’ve done this a couple of times and it works. it is a great way to get clickable links on your video.

Then it on to how you set up your video to put buttons that can be clicked. It shows you how to use camtasia, AVS, MovieMaker, PowerPoint, Video Converter, Stupefix, Aniimoto, GoAnimate, Mindomo, PowToon and Scribd.

I’m going to take a look at AVS, MovieMaker and PowerPoint. I’m not interested in Camtasia as I don’t have it and I don’t really want to buy it at them moment.

Looking at AVS method it is straightforward. You do get a watermark on it when using the free version but it is great way to add the graphics needed to make this method work. It doesn’t cost much for a license to use for a year.

PowerPoint is a bit fiddly but it is well described and I didn’t know you could do this with it. And I can’t with my version unfortunately.  I could so most of it except export it as a video file.

Now on to Windows Movie Maker. Easy to follow along and I’ve managed to do it.Unfortunately you can’t add really great looking graphics. It takes a bit of time for MovieMaker to update for the changes but it is straightforward.  I’m not sure I’m so keen on the fact he used a video that wasn’t his to demonstrate but it is a small concern on my part and he does say he doesn’t advise doing this when doing it yourself.

I’ve now taken a quick look through the other video on using the other software and Clive shows you how to use them all in quick videos.

There are some graphics he has prepared that can be used to add to your videos to get more clicks. There is also a couple of other “funky” tricks he has prepared for you.

Another good module. I’ve used this method on some of my videos and the effects are very good. I’ve not done enough videos to be able to know for sure if they increase clickthroughs. But it seems to me they will because you are not asking people to click a link below the video and giving them something to click on the video. It has to be easier for the viewer as they don’t have to leave the video.

So, another good module with plenty of software tools you can use to implement it. They are clearly explained and demonstrated with the video. The graphics are of good quality, so all is good. The method was not something I’d used before I saw Clive demonstrate when I got access to the site a few months ago.

Thoughts So Far

There has been a lot of great stuff in the membership so far, and there is a lot on offer for buying Tube Illuminati. It is only a small part of the membership site and it was very food in itself. It is unusual to see so much on offer and not really being told about it. So there are lot of unexpected surprises – and they have all been pleasant so far.

I’m going to move on to looking at the Affiliate Implant module in my next post. It sounds interesting and I think it will be showing how to use the implant method to sell affiliate products which is what I am interested in using YouTube videos for.

The membership site is being added to on a consistent basis as Clive discovers new tricks for getting the most out of using YouTube. He is always coming up with new stuff and doesn’t keep it to himself.


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