Clive McGonigal’s IM Power Club And Tube Illuminati Round Up Review Part 8

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Today, I’m back with my final post on IM Power Club. It is Clive McGonigal’s membership site you get when you buy Tube Illuminati. I’ve one more module to go through and I’ll finish up with my final thought on the course.

The remaining module is:


The name of this module is a bit disappointing after all the interesting and fun names of the other modules.  Any was let’s see what it has.

First up is a list of recommended resources that are free and paid that Clive recommends for for video editing software (paid and free), Screen capture software, video creation sites, getting views, image editing, competition backlinks checker, redirect and split testing and downloading videos. It’s a helpful to have all these listed in one place.

Next there is a tool called Tube Smarty and this is a clever piece of software where you can have a video open on top of someone’s site and then when the person click off it opens  up the site. I’ve Tested it and it works but I’ve not used it for promoting any offers yet. It looks like it would be real useful when you have a list or maybe getting people to click on you link in your YouTube video to get further information.

Working down the side menu there is a link to Clive’s blog that gets updated once a month or so. There are some interesting posts but the best stuff that isn’t in IM Power Club Clive shares in Skype or FaceBook private groups.

Next in the list is a link to a service for doing Doodle Videos. I’ve not checked this out. I may do so when I’m earning a solid income online.

Moving to the next item. It is called bonuses. This almost another course in itself.

First up you get a manual that gives you a good run through of the basics of setting up a YouTube Channel, Video uploading, playlists. It includes a mind map and checklist. Very useful in learning the basics of YouTube which is not covered in the rest of the club in depth.

Then there are some very good clear videos on how to create a video, screen capture recording, studio recording, video editing and video hosting.

If you are a beginner this might be the place to start and then move on to Tube Monster.

I hadn’t seen this before and I almost missed it when looking at the resources this time. As I’ve said before there is a lot of useful stuff in the IM Power club.

Next there is links to joining the FaceBook Group and Skype Group. These are a must to join as there is lots of great information shared. And on top of that you can ask the members of the Skype group to view, like,comment and share your videos to give some social proof and help with rankings. I’ve used this on some of my videos and it seemed to work and they are genuine. You get a few views etc. and that is often enough to give your video the initial push you need.

The next section is on tactic’s where Clive shares some thoughts on what to promote, testing offers and building lists. It’s fairly short and there are links to products I’ve not looked at in too much detail yet.

The last but one section of the resources module is an offer for a service Clive  uses to do his keyword research for him.

Finally there is a link for Support. I’ve not used it. But if it is anything like the rest of the stuff Clive has provided here, it will be very good.

So that’s my tour of IM Power Club. There is lots of stuff to go through and I think it would help if Clive had a welcome video or post that walks through what you get and where to start.

My pick of where to start would be the bonuses section of the resources section (if a beginner) and then move onto Tube Monster and work through the modules.

I guess if you bought Tube illuminati you want to see what that is about too, but don’t forget the other modules or you’ll be missing out.



Final Thoughts

There is a lot of good stuff in Tube Illuminati and the IM Power Club. It ranks alongside Power Slam 2.0 as being one of the best courses on ranking videos that stay ranked. It also has information on using clever techniques and graphics to get people clicking on your links to your offers.

Clive is adding new stuff to the Club regularly and sharing information in the private Skype and Facebook groups you get access to as part of the club.

Tube Illuminati is definitely worth checking out if you want your videos ranking at the top in Google and YouTube and getting people clicking on your links (plus you get some great looking graphics too).

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