Cliff Carrigan’s YouTube Power Slam 2.0 Review Part 7 – Progress Update 1

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As part of my on going review and implementation of YouTube Power Slam 2.0 I have been running a limited test of ranking 3 videos. I started this on the 25/9 (See Power Slam 2.0 post here). The aim is to get my video to be ranking in the number 1 position in Google web listings for my chosen keyword.

Below are the comparisons for each video and the actions I’ve taken to improve the rankings of the video.

The three videos are:

A Year Ago – Uploaded 12 months ago

1 month – Uploaded on 4 August 2013

New Video – Uploaded 29 September 2013

A Year Ago

Results are:

YTPS Year Ago
Rankings for the target word (keyword review) have not changed. It is still the number 2 video, for this low search keyword, and ranked number 2 on the first page of Google.

Actions taken:

For this video I have changed the on page factors to be in line with those in the Power Slam course. (Just like on a blog post there are certain things you can do to  help with rankings – although it seems you don’t have to be as subtle when doing this for videos).

I have also been adding some more social proof by using the software included within the course. This includes increasing the number of views so this makes it a little difficult to know if the video has had any natural views or not.

The ranking for this video has not really changed – it is the second ranked video for the keyword it is optimized for, although rankings have improved for the other keywords. There have been no clicks through the call to action in the description of this video.

I’ll continue to add social proof and now add some backlinks as per the course to see if this starts to help it move up.

Video 2 – One Month Ago

Results are;

YTPS 1 Month Ago

The most pleasing thing here is that I am now ranking on Page 1 of Google form for my target keyword (keyword review), but I am the fourth video on that page. Clicks on call to action have been 2 in this period. I’ve also seen some good improvements in the ranking on YouTube.

Actions taken

This is the video I’ve done the most work on. I’ve been adding social proof using the software that comes a bonus with the course. Plus I have slowly built backlinks as per Cliff’s favorite method.

Before starting I had already made changes to the onpage factors to come in line with the course. I had also taken some actions from a previous course I had bought to try and get the number 1 ranking, so these actions might be affecting the result/

New Video

Results are;

YTPS New Video

I am trying to rank for keyword review and does keyword work. So far I’ve been successful in ranking at number 1 for the second keyword. Clicks through on my call to action in total have been 3.

Actions taken

The video was uploaded on the 29/9 and was optimized as per the instructions in Power Slam 2.0. I have also been getting social proof using the software included in the course. No backlinks or other interaction on YouTube. I’ll be adding backlinks and more social proof over the next week.

Summary And Next Steps

I was hoping the results would have been better than they are, given the importance of on page factors in ranking. However, in a couple of cases I am ranking on the first page of Google. I had already had these videos ready or uploaded before going through the course, and maybe I might not have gone for the words I have if i had done better competitor analysis,

I’ve asked Cliff’s help on ranking the 1 month old video and he has said will take a look and come back to me. My next steps are to do backlinking as advised in the course to see if this can move the videos on, continue with social proof and interact more on YouTube.  I have learned a lot from YouTube Power Slam 2.0 and I have to a certain extent been distracted by RAM and should have spent more time in getting these strategies working before taking on another IM course. It’s too early to decide whether I can make a go of the course or not.

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