Cliff Carrigan’s YouTube Power Slam 2.0 Part 4 Review

Today I am continuing on with implementing and my step by step review of Cliff Carrigan’s YouTube Power Slam 2.0. I’m on step 2 chapter M9 which gives ideas on how to make money from the videos you are ranking.

M9 Video Monetization

This starts off with a reminder that the course is about ranking videos not a make money course. There are no wild claims about what you can make from each of the 9 techniques he describes in this chapter. But does say it is all dependent on your skills but it is possible to make an above average income from any of these techniques.

Of the 9 ideas there are 2 that I am definitely interested in doing as they are to do with affiliate marketing. (Nothing wrong with the other 7 – just not right for me, today). He gives a couple of ideas on identifying products for physical and digital products to promote. Plus shows you the keywords that work best, where you can dominate the search engine rankings for a product using the techniques in the course. Definitely something I want to do!

These techniques are more descriptions than “how to’s” but give food for thought and idea generation on monetizing the traffic being attracted by ranking videos highly in Google.

M10 video Resources

This is a short section where 4 resources are listed that can help with making your videos standout. You don’t need these resources to be successful but they can help you get there quicker. I think I’ll come back and give the a closer look once I’m ranking videos at will or  and on demand.

M11 Keeping It Legal

In this chapter there is some good discussion on how to comply with regulations regarding making money as an affiliate. Plus there is some wording you can model to help you stay legal. It’s worth it to help ensure you don’t get all your income frozen. I’ve not seen this discussed in any other YouTube course. It’s good to know.

The chapter then moves on to something not really related to staying legal and it is titled min-cheat sheet. Not sure why that is in this section, but it’s helpful all the same.

Next he moves on how to write a description for your video to help build trust and credibility with people who watch your video. It is nicely written and he explains why writing the description in this way works. So, definitely something I’ll add to my existing video, to see if it will help in getting more clicks to my offers, once I get some views to it.

M12 Visual Examples and Explanations

Here we get an example video that has been set up to highlight the techniques he uses and how the different tactics can give you slightly different results. This section is great to see it in action. You can still see the videos on YouTube and in Google.

There are two examples – one a silly example (Cliff’s words) and one where he beats a video that has been ranking for a number of years and beats it in only a few hours.

This section is very useful demonstration of the power of the strategies being taught here. There is also a warning of what can happen when you are doing well on YouTube and how to deal with these issues. All good stuff.

M 13 Conclusion

This is part is an overview of what you’ve learned going through the course. There are a few things he mentions that I don’t remember seeing in the course. I will go back and update this later if I find it in the course.

It is a very good summary and then there is the kicker – to get on with it – as you now have everything you need to dominate with your videos so get out there and do it..

Also he asks for feedback about the course whether he got it right or not. It seems genuine and he has given you his email address, skype user name to get in touch as well. I like it.

Customer Service

As part of the course there is a Skype group you can join – which I have done. Cliff does join in the group. He made the offer he would look at any videos that you weren’t able to rank and give you what you need to rank your video. I took him up on the offer and he came back quickly with what I need to do. I think this is great. It shows to me that he keeps his word on customer service.

End of Today’s Review

I enjoyed going through the last parts of Step 2 of YouTube Power Slam 2.0. I got some good ideas from it that I intend to implement in trying to rank my existing videos. I want to get these ranking before moving on to new ones, so I give enough focus to each video to learn the ropes properly and not bounce on to the next shiny object.

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