Cliff Carrigan’s You Tube Power Slam 2.0 Review Part 5: Expectations, Software and More

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Today, I am on the last part of going through the course in detail. I’ve found this reporting back process very helpful in getting a fuller understanding of YouTube Power Slam 2.0. (See my review on the guide to cashing in on shiny new object syndrome). It does mean I have probably not implemented as much as I could have, or done other things as I normally would have, but if it helps in the long term it will have been all worth it.

Now on to the matters at hand.

Expectations Management Module

This is good to understand and have it reinforced really – that it is big bad world in video marketing – and someone is always working to get the number 1 placing in Google. He then gives his tactics on how to stay at number one knowing that someone will be doing their best to snatch that place off you once you’ve got there.
Next we’re on to

Software Module

I talked about this section in my Part 3 review here. There are 2 pieces of software you can download that help you to automate spying on your competitors and getting more social proof. They are handy little programs and I am using them and liking how useful they are. I did have a bit of bother setting one of them up as my anti-virus software didn’t like it but I’ve got it working thanks to the help on the page.

Check List Module

I like lists. They are a great way to get stuff done. It’s a great feeling ticking off as you get stuff done.  This is a 7 point list of what is needed to be done to get your video ranking in Google. It’s very useful and ties the course together well. I’m going to add this to my spreadsheet where I put the 6 point cheat sheet so I can ensure I get everything covered and can keep a track of my videos.

This will help me see what works and what doesn’t and if I struggle to rank a video I can have a sensible discussion with Cliff rather than just having him asking “Did you do this or that?” And me saying “No.” I guess I won’t have to even ask him anything as they will all be ranking. 🙂

Additional Nuggets Module

This includes 6 chapters to do with some extras you can do to help with your ranking.

N1 – Tag Leeching

This is a way can get traffic from your competitors videos. It’s fairly simple to do. I’m not sure whether you’ll get many clicks to your offer but you’d certainly get more views.

N2 – Internal Video Linking

Again this looks simple to do. This method uses the authority of other people’s videos to help the authority of your channel rise and thereby help with the page rank of your videos in that channel. It will probably result in more targeted traffic on your channel. I’ll be using this on my videos that I am trying to rank at the moment.

N3 Annotations

This is a pretty clever way to use annotations to get more “link juice” to one video in a channel. Another tactic to add to the arsenal!

N4 RSS Feed Distribution

This details how to do this – although there is some debate as to whether this has any effect on your ranking.

N5 Local Positioning

This includes a few tips on how to position your YouTube video for countries other than USA

N6 Double Barrel List Building

This is a very clever idea. Something I’ll do once I’ve mastered the art of ranking videos on the front page of Google. You need to be able to rank your videos at the top of Google for this to work.

FAQ Module

This module is about any questions you might have. Some good questions and answers in here to give further understanding. It also looks like the course has been updated as a result of the questions on this page.

Power Slam Updates Module

This lists the changes made to the main course as changes are made to how YouTube and Google work. It looks like nothing has changed since April this year.

One of the updates does change how you set up your channels – so worth reading before setting up a channel. The old method still works but you don’t get the benefit you once did.

That’s it for today, tomorrow I’ll go through what I liked and what I didn’t about YouTube Power Slam 2.0 and give an interim conclusion, as I haven’t yet had time to put it all into practice.

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