Cliff Carrigan’s You Tube Power Slam 2.0 Review Part 1

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New updated version now released see my part 1 review of YouTube Power Slam 3.0 here


I had been looking at ways of getting traffic to some of my websites other than just relying on search traffic, and one of the ways people talk about doing this is with videos.

The story goes that you can easily rank videos on You Tube high in the search engines with less effort and less chance of penalties than trying to do this with a blog.  With this in mind I was on the Mike From Maine interview blog and came across an interview with Cliff Carrigan talking about a course called Project X Tube, which looked interesting – so I bought it.

I then discovered the YouTube Power Slam by Cliff Carrigan and bought that too. Both are talk about ranking videos quickly and  easily on Google. Project X Tube is for low volume keywords while  Power Slam 2.0 is for keywords with more search and more higher keywords. (I’ll be doing a review of Project X Tube later)

Seeing Cliff on Mike’s blog was the first time I had encountered him, but I like what he had to say (I’ve included the interview Mike did with Cliff on Project X below). It was based on this interview and the sales pages that I decided to take the plunge.

The Sales Page – What Does It Tell Me?

The sales page is a mixture of video and text. I’ll start with the video as it is at the top.

First thing I notice and like about the video is that you know how long it is – 4 mins 23 secs. Not too long. You can also pause it and stop it and its hosted on YouTube. All good so far!

In it he talks about that he is a Video Marketer and makes a significant income from it. However it’s not about him. It’s about ranking videos in Google for keywords that you get a few click a month. The key is to having a lot of videos uploaded each getting some views and clicks a month.

Cliff has over 3500 videos ranked on the first page of Google. The aim of course is to teach you how to rank YouTube videos professionally and on a consistent basis. The money is made from the traffic you get from YouTube and Google.

The course will show you how to get the videos ranking and help you to get traffic and whether you make money from the traffic is up to you. He assures you that you will know what you need to do to achieve these rankings – no doubts.

I like the fact he is understated in the video – he doesn’t hype up the earnings but he is very confident that the course is the best of its type on the internet -without sounding too boastful.

Looking through the text of the sales letter for YouTube Power Slam 2.0 it says:

That the reason I’m (the reader) not ranking videos are because I’m doing it wrong and that is because other sellers have put me wrong (Okay maybe?). He is coming down hard on other YouTube video marketer’s products.

Okay – I see his point is – with his method you can beat existing videos, you don’t have to be the first one and you can take over the competition video’s position whenever you want. (A promise.)

Next the letter lets you know what you need. (As a side note the letter is easy to read – lots of bullet points and space.). I assume the course is going to let you know how to analyze the competitions video to see what they’ve done right and its weaknesses so you know how hard it is to rank your video and what you need to do to beat it. Also emphasized is that video marketing is simple.

Now we get on to what you get:

1. How to change a single word to beat tough videos
2. Get better click through rates
3. Beat videos that have had the top position for years
4. Use other people’s work and get your video ranked in less than hour.
5. Learn the real truth behind video marketing
6. You will be an Elite Video marketer – so the only competition will be people who have been through the course. (He is confident on this).

Apparently Cliff has been doing this before Google owned YouTube, so it appears he has lots of experience with ranking videos (he has over 3,500 of them ranking on page one of Google (after all).

An important distinction is made about this product which is important and not something you normally see in an IM product sales letter. He says this not a make money online product but about getting your video ranked. But the course will give you some examples about how you can monetize the traffic potential from ranking your videos highly.

It promises my video marketing will be at the top level. This all sounds good to me so far – being a master of video marketing, as I have struggled to get my videos to rank in the past.

The bonus sounds interesting with a top secret software but the explanation is vague to say the least- not sure what it does but won’t put your YouTube account at risk.

The course comes with a 4 week money back guarantee. It is sold on the Clickbank platform and you can buy it through my affiliate link if you want: YouTube Power Slam 2.0

He finishes with an outstanding offer of customer support where you will be able to contact him directly through his personal email or skype.

The Buying Process

This is all straightforward and there are no upsells or downsells. Once you’ve paid you are taken to a page to register. It’s a membership site – A surprise I thought I was getting a pdf. Also you’ll see He has 2 other courses that look interesting! – YouTube Project X Tube (which I already have!) and YouTube Partner Slam – Best to ignore at the moment (Note to self -one course at a time).

So what do you get – inside the course

After you log in you are taken to a welcome page – that points you to an introduction page and gives you instruction on how to join a private skype group (don’t think that was mentioned in the sales letter – choice!). The different parts of the course are listed on the right.

Inside the members area of YouTube Power Slam 2.0 there are the following modules:

Step 1
Step 2
Expectation Management
Check List
Additional Nuggets
Help – FAQ
Power Slam Updates

It looks like there is plenty of content.

Starting, where it says to start at the introduction. Here you are met with a video that 8 mins and 28 seconds long.

In it Cliff explains why it is a membership site and not a pdf – it’s because it is so much easier for him to update the site than pdf – nice. He clicks through the various modules. He explains Step 1 is where he explains how he meets the various promises from the sales page.

Step 2 is the main part of the YouTube Power Slam 2.0.

He then runs through the other modules. Expectations management sounds interesting – where he goes through what to expect when ranking videos. Additional nuggets is for other things you can do to rank videos which have merit but Cliff doesn’t use them himself. The rest seem self explanatory.

The Skype room sounds great as you get help from Cliff and other successful video marketers as well as people just getting started.

That’s it for today. I’ve got to sign off on this, but I am excited by what I’ve seen so far.

Check out Mike’s interview with Cliff about YouTube Project X Tube



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