Cliff Carrigans You Tube Power Slam 2.0 And Video Logic Review Part 9 Update 3

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I’ve been implementing the Cliff Carrigan’s course YouTube Power Slam 2.0 and using his software Video Logic to help in ranking videos. I have been testing this on 3 videos over the past month.

I’ve not made as much progress as I would like because I’ve been spending ,my time implementing another course called Reverse Attack Marketing and this has taken up quite a large chunk of the time I can allocate to Internet Marketing outside of work and family commitments. This has contributed to the poor results I’ve seen, I think; as I’ve taken it slowly and really only put the effort into one of the videos.  You can see an explanation of the test YouTube Power Slam 2.0 test here.

Enough of the excuses, on to the results:

As with my previous update there have been no sales but I have had 3 clicks from the videos to my website or affiliate offer in total.

One Month


1 month ago V3

When I look at and not I am the number 2 ranking video in position 6 on page 1. Pity it’s not the other way round.


I’ve been building backlinks and embedding my video on sites as recommended in the course and on those sites highlighted by the Video Logic software. My view count has been paused as I’ve reached the 300 mark in number of views while YouTube does it’s checking on views to make sure they’re Okay. It doesn’t appear to have affected my rankings yet.

I’ve taken risk on this with a fiverr gig to build more backlinks. Hopefully, it will work. I got impatient. This task finished yesterday. So, now it is a waiting game as to when they get indexed and the affect they have on my rankings.

One Year Ago


year ago v3


I’ve just continued using the software from the course to get social proof. I’ve not made any other changes in the past week.



New video v3


Here again, I’ve just continued using the software from the course to get social proof. I’ve not made any other changes in the past week.

Next Steps

For the next month I intend to continue trying to rank these three videos with more time spent on the 2 videos I’ve ignored to date. I will continue to follow the YouTube Power Slam 2.0 course along with Video Logic recommendations to see where I’ve got to.

At some point I need to have more videos to test this out on. This will give it a much better test. I was hoping to prove the concept to myself first before rolling it out. I’ll make a decision on this at the end of November unless I start to see results before.But the lack of challenge I’m facing may be due to me making mistakes in the set up, and this could be fully worked through with more videos.

I still believe both products are worth the time invested and cost because I’ve learned a great deal on YouTube marketing due to these course. I feel I am closer to getting to the mythical “tipping point.” So I’m hoping next week we’ll see the start of something great.

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