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Aren’t Amazon’s Advertising Fees Too Low To Make A Reasonable Income?

amazon fees shock

When you go to a forum such as the Warrior’s forum you find talk bemoaning the low commission percentage you get paid by Amazon. It pays between 4% and 8% of sale price of the product. When you compare it to what you can get for promoting a digital product where it can be 50% …

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How To Get Your Posts Indexed In Google Fast

When your website is new or you don’t add content to it every day or you took a long day it can take what seems an age for Google to index your latest post. You can post on your social media pages to help in the process but that is still slow. You’re left with …

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Why I Don’t Force Backlinks To My Sites Anymore

Why I don't backlink

Building backlinks has been part of SEO and ranking in Google ever since people worked out that it could get them to that precious first spot on the first page of search results for a keyword. That’s where most of the traffic is. Therefore, it makes sense to do it except that Google makes changes …

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The Problem With All The Affiliate Marketing Courses Available Is Too Much Choice!

affiliate marketing choice

If you’ve been internet marketing/affiliate marketing or looking at it for even a little while is you know that there is a lot of choice and distraction by course available and new ones being released every day. They all seem to promise that they will solve all your problems especially income. Choice can be a …

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When Is The Best Time To Start Blogging And Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate maketing getting started

The quick answer is you can start one anytime. A good time would be to start today or to commit to it today. If you are doing this where you are writing about products you’ve used or have researched in depth to give a proper opinion on the product – physical or digital it is …

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Is The Fear Of Doing It Wrong Stopping You From Starting In Affiliate Marketing?

Biggest affiliate maketing fear

There is a lot to getting started online as an affiliate marketer or any other online activity. It can all be overwhelming. Affiliate marketing does do away with some of the barriers like coming up with a product(s) and then dealing with customers. It is relatively low cost. But there is still a lot to …

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Help For Those Who Want A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business

I’ve been on a quest to build a profitable online business for a number of years favoring the affiliate marketing business. In that time I’ve tried a number of ways on how to achieve this. They do fall into two camps really – trying to find a short cut or loophole and what I’ve been …

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