Category: Mindset

A Book On How To Change Your Mindset And Change Your Life


Do you want more out of your life? You may have heard that if you want different results you need to change what you do. But it’s starts with a change of mindset. That controls what and how you do things. Your mindset is the most important component of you what you can get out …

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A Guide For A More Successful Year And Beyond

There is always plenty of choices and demands on how you use your time. It can be easy to go off and tangents and just find it has been wasted when you look back it. Well it seems that way to me. I often do stuff that I realize afterwards just used up some of …

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Victor Pride’s – 30 Days Of Discipline Review

I’m reviewing something different today. It’s not an IM product that shows you how to make money online. The 30 Days Of Discipline is about taking action to be more disciplined and successful in life in all areas including business. I came across this course when I received an email on a blogging course and …

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