How Can You Write A Good Review If You Don’t Own The Product

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How Can You Write A Good Review If You Don't own the productWriting reviews of products is a great way to write posts for your blog that you can monetize with a link so that people can click through and buy the product.

Writing a review of a product when you have bought it, makes writing the review easier as you have your own personal experience to draw upon to give your impressions and findings on the product.

The review has your unique voice and you can use your own pictures too.

But there is only so many products you can buy especially if they are expensive. If you are wanting to build an Amazon review site how do you write a good review without the product.

What Happens If You Don’t Own It?

Most people just teach you to look at the product listing and read through some reviews and summarize what you find in an article which does result in a review of sorts. It might work for an inexpensive product or one that isn’t that complicated.

But what about one that is more expensive or is a little involved. And one you want to rank naturally without forcing backlinks to your site. For this to happen you need more information and detail to complete the review.

The internet is a great place for information providing you are prepared to dig for it and question what you find. This is the reason you can provide a valuable review to people. You can put all the information together and let them know what it means and how it can be used. It might all be desk research but you’ve done it for them and given them something they are unlikely to get elsewhere.

Hard Work And Research

To be helpful in the review you need to determine what it is that important about the product for the customer and how its features meet that and how well they do it.

Once you have that you can work out a layout for review and what needs to go in each section of it, which makes the researching and writing the review easier to do.

Gathering the information needed for the review and your outline is a matter of searching for the information online.

There is nothing really clever about this and it can be seem a bit laborious at times. It involves reading the product descriptions, inspecting the images, specifications, manufacturer’s site, the product manual and asking questions of the manufacturer.

You also need to read plenty of customer reviews and questions at online stores and at forums as well to get a full picture of the concerns and where the product performs well and doesn’t.

If you have the opportunity it is great to go to a store and take a look at the product and give it a try. Taking pictures too can help in general but in particular if you have something you want to show.

It does take a lot of hard work and you need to be putting as much you can into the reviews to make them as useful as possible for readers. In this way it can help with engagement, ranking for various related keywords and by answering as many of your visitors questions you should see more people clicking your link to Amazon or other merchants and then buy the product you’ve reviewed (and if not hopefully something else you get credit for).

One of the hardest parts for me is to add my voice and say how the features can help the customer or what they mean. I’m slowly improving but this can make a big difference in the review.

Being Helpful And Useful

In this way your review without the product is helpful and over time can rank so more people find your reviews.

This is the approach that is used with my Extreme Review sites where I have earned over $1k a month with. In some respects it is more a report than review but no one is looking for a report and isn’t that far removed from one.

It is not a quick way to an income but does appear to be the basis of a solid income that can build over time, albeit with ups and downs and not progressively upwards as you’d like.

Do you think you can write a valuable review without owning the product?

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