A Book On How To Change Your Mindset And Change Your Life

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Do you want more out of your life?

You may have heard that if you want different results you need to change what you do.

But it’s starts with a change of mindset.

That controls what and how you do things.

Your mindset is the most important component of you what you can get out of your life.

It is like the program that directs your actions and responses.

With thinking like that I’ve read a number of self-books over the years for the “secret”.

I bought a kindle book over a year ago called Gorilla Mindset and after reading through it I did what I often do with books once I finish with them I move on.

But I did do something I don’t usually do I read it again. This time I did something different after reading I went back to it again going through it more slowly to take action.

Why Read This Book?

A Gorilla Mindset is one where you dominate your thoughts and emotions and thereby your actions.   It is written for men who want to live life on their own terms – women can use the book but may get put off by some of the male-female examples.

It has been written for those men in their thirties and below in mind I’d say but it hasn’t stopped me, someone into the second half getting information out of it.

Also for me the chapter on the health and fitness is entirely relevant due to me changing my diet to control my Type 2 Diabetes without drugs but for others it looks  fine for those in good health.

Unless you’ve got your life exactly as you want then there is always something that you want to improve.

Many of the times the thing that is standing in your way is how you think and you attitude about yourself and how you react to things.

That’s what this book is written to do is to help to improve those areas to improve your life. It provides a step by step method on how to do this.

Each chapter builds on the from the previous ones giving you a coherent plan.

This isn’t some book that says think happy thoughts and you’ll be a success. There’s more to it than that.  But telling yourself off doesn’t. It’s about taking action with your thoughts and emotions aligned and not letting them set you back.

That is what does sets this book apart from many of the other self-help books is that you have to take action as well as improve the thinking. It gives you a number of techniques on how to do this.

While there is theory in the book much of it is focused on practical things to do to dominate your thoughts and emotions and examples.

It is an easy read – Mike Cernovich writes using plain language (surprising considering he is lawyer – but don’t hold that against him too much).

What’s Inside the Book?

The book takes you through 11 areas to dominate your mindset.

Here’s what’s included in the book:

Introduction – Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Chapter 1 Mindset is Conversation: The Power Of Self Talk

Chapter 2 Mindset is a Choice: Change The Way Your Perceive Life’s Challenges

Chapter 3 Mindset is a Moment: How To Check To Your Life

Chapter 4 Mindset is a Mood: How To Control Your State

Chapter 5 Mindset is Focus: How To Take Back Control Of Your Attention

Chapter 6 Mindset is Lifestyle: Change The Way You Live

Chapter 7 Mindset is a Body: Health And Fitness

Chapter 8 Mindset is Posture: Change Your Body, Change Your Life

Chapter 9 The Money Mindset: Make More, Save More, and Invest More Intelligently

Chapter 10 Mindset is Vision: Change What You See, Change What You Get

Chapter 11 Mindset Is One Day: Mindset Is One Day

It covers a lot of areas but stays doesn’t wander all over the place which helps to keep it moving along at a good pace.

It was working through Chapter 1 and checking out what I said to myself during the day made me sit up, so to speak. I always thought It didn’t go around putting myself down too much. And I don’t but there is a general tone and a sort of low energy and disparaging tone to it all – sort of with an expectation that I won’t quite get there. Now I’m aware I’m doing something about it.

But that is just from Chapter 1 and there is much more to the book than that. as you can see above.

The Key To Using This Book

What this book has that makes it stand out is that there are practical exercises at the end of each chapter plus key takeaways.

The key to this book is to do the exercises. There isn’t a rush to get through them but is to do them properly either as you go or go back and do them after you’ve read through them.

To help me get through and actually do the exercises I’m now going through a chapter a week rather than trying to do it all at once.

Some of the exercises you need to do as you go through the day to get control of your thoughts and emotions or to put it in gorilla terms it is identify and then dominate your thoughts and emotions. Others you can do there and then.

I’m still working through the exercise and some I do struggle with but I have seen an improvement on my productivity and approach. By being more aware of what I’m saying to myself putting a stop to it and changing the conversation.

It doesn’t work every time but it’s getting better day by day.

So Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich gets the big thumbs up and is highly recommended by me – you can check it out here:

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