What If Your Blog Was A Huge Success?

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What If Your Blog Was A Huge SuccessI don’t do enough what if thinking in a positive way.

If I do what if thinking or thinking about the future, it does tend to be of the negative kind. That probably explains in part why I became an accountant.

Yesterday, in the Pajama Affiliates Mastermind Group I am part of the following excellent post was made. (It’s one of many) This one in partular seemed to really get to me – like it was written for me

“If your blog was a huge success and you were making lots and lots of money how would you feel? How would you act? Would you be more confident, more bold, less censored and brave? Would you be more inclined to step out of your comfort zone?”

If so, do that. Pretend you blog is a huge success. ACT AS IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. That is a big key in manifestation and a demonstration of faith. Act as if you already have it.”

by Robin Cockrell, Pajama Affiliates.

This quote has got me thinking and trying to work through what it might mean. I’ve found it a great exercise to go It has unsettled me in a good way.

I’m not so sure about manifestation part of this but I can see how acting as if you already were a success would mean you would act differently, think differently and say different things which would be enough to change things so that you get a successful result.

It is the acting part that is important here – taking action then it will happen – or manifest.

The other way I’ve looked at this is if I truly believed in what it was I was blogging or writing was useful to people and good and profitable. How would I act? What would I do?

Or maybe – if I knew what I was doing is going to be successful  with confidence – what would I do and how would I feel as I do those things.

If you are prepared to feel uncomfortable in a good way with some excitement spend a few minutes visualizing what it would be like as suggested and then get busy thinking on the actions you’d take and get busy writing them down.  Try both – Robin’s and my suggestion.

I also came up with a list of things or feelings that don’t help and that hold me back from doing the things I could be doing to grow my blogs reach.

The worse points for me are when I sit down to write and find a hundred things to do to avoid it – thinking it’s not going to be good enough for people to read.

Then after I’ve got through that and written the post is when it comes to publishing it. There’s that hesitation about doing it where again – washing dishes seems like fun.

Then something I’ve not done much of is – social media, promoting and the like. It needs to be done with certainty and confidence.

The answer to Robin’s questions in the end for me was yes – I would be more bold, confident, second guessing, less procrastination, hustle more and generally get more done.

So why not act that way. Get more done, write in a more positive frame of mind, step out of that comfort zone. I can’t see a downside to pretending to be that way. Can you?

Have you ever tried doing anything like this? Do you think this type of thinking helps? Do you have any tips or techniques that can help with mindset?

So, what if your blog was a huge success?

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