Beginners IM Authority Profits Review – Barbara Lings Course For Beginners

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Today, I’m looking at another product from Barbara Ling – Beginners IM Authority Profits. It is an older product (released beginning of May – so not too old). I noticed it because  I just received an email about it I thought I’d check it out after I got so much useful information from her latest course – Covert Niche Authority.

The Sales Letter

My first scroll down before reading it does seem a bit all over the place. It starts with a couple of testimonials – they are fine but nothing catches my interest. This is about being an authority in your market – sounds similar to Covert Niche Authority.

Okay this one is for IM beginners (I’m not a beginner) but I would like to see more sales from my sites. So, I’m interested – it’s an easy process and can be automated (question on  this part – automated content doesn’t tend to be worth reading on the whole). Although, she does say this is what she is using. It’s for making money long term –and it will work in any niche and easy to follow along to.

There is a graphic that walks through the process. This is about being first with the news and this is where the automation comes in I think. The next part is very relevant to me as I do know the feeling of working hard and not having anything to show for it. But there is a solution!  Part of it is to do with a program called Buffer – I’ve heard of it but never used it. She says the key to building authority is sharing the right content and to get there you only need to follow 5 simple steps.

The steps are outlined – looks interesting and do-able. There is a bonus webinar – I assume that it has been recorded and I can watch the recording. Next up there is some proof offered that she is indeed an authority. Then there is about how much value you are getting for the price. I think Covert Niche Authority was an excellent product (and I’m taking steps to implement) so I’m going to get this one as I think it will help improve my results.

The Buying Process

This all goes smoothly for me using Warrior Plus and PayPal – there is an upsell that gives you some more resources to use – then you are taken to delivery page. There you download a zip file and sign up for updates if you want. There are 2 files – a read me txt file and a the main guide PDF.

So it’s on to the…

The Main Guide

It is a 34 page document. It starts with a contents page and then it’s on to an overview of how you can become an authority and how this course can help you achieve this. Next it is on to how she uses a program to get the information and how to install the buffer app on your browser (she mentions this in here sales letter).

The steps are easy to follow along to. This is how you can share great articles you find online The next step shows you how to automate finding content to share. Again this is easy to do and I have set this up now.  (This covers steps 2 & 3).

Step 4 is monetizing this information. She shows you where to find products and how to get your links to be able to monetize the sharing of information. She does mention you do need to change your affiliate inks but doesn’t explain what this means – I do know but if you are a beginner you do need to Google to find out what it means and how to go about it.

Step 5 is putting it into practice and I can see this whole process taking a few minutes a day. It is easy to do and well explained. On top of this you are going to need to build up your network and be patient.

My Thoughts

The Beginners IM Authority Profits is for beginners. If you have experience in IM you have likely come across the resource before but she does put them together well. I personally had not thought of putting it together this way. It is simple and easy to do and I can see it being effective. Once it is set up it will be quick to do each day and I can see it over time helping to build authority in the IM niche and any other niche you may want to try this out on.

To help with this you do need to do some work in building up people following along your social media accounts – this will speed up the process. The tips and techniques in this course do help in building authority. It won’t be an overnight success but helps in building authority over time and works together well with Covert Niche Authority



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