Beginner’s Affiliate and Blogging Course From Pajama Affiliates Review Part 2

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I have so far very much enjoyed and found Beginner’s Affiliate and Blogging Course very well put together. Robin and Lesley have a good simple way of explaining things.

I’m looking forward to the next steps. So far I’ve decided on niches that could be worth blogging about and I’m now ready for:

Step 4: Narrowing Down Your Niche

This step has 3 videos and about half a page of text.

The 3 videos show you about narrowing a niche down so it isn;t too broad. They all take a broad niche and look to narrow it down. They used a paid tool to do this. I’ve used it before and it is very easy and effective to use (I used it for RAM). It is a monthly fee, so I guess you can sign up for s month and then cancel!

There is a quick mention of what you are looking for but I’d have liked a bit more explanation and some paramters. There is the facebook group where you can ask questions I guess.

THey do mention there is a free way to do this but they don’t show you how to do this. They give you the name of the tool and a link but that is it.

Time to give it a try with the paid tool…

I always find this frustrating – you see the presenters go through it and find the niches just popping out of the tool – this is something that happens in all courses. You go and try it oyurself and it doesn’t quite work the same way when you try it out for yourself.

Having said that I think I’ve got a niche I can write about and monetize too.

Step 5 Finding Affiliate Products For Your Niche

This is a mixture of text and video. It does a good job of how to find affiliate programs for your niche. Good solid stuff. I’ve found some programs that I can promote on my blog.

Step 6 Stay The Course

First, a warning about not starting to write your posts just yet before going through some other work.

Hmm! There’s statement here about how to set up a wordpress blog coming soon. That is a bit disappointing to read and not see it there. It is said on the sales page that there is a tutorial for this.

Looking further down there are instructions on what to do once your blog is set up,

I’ve posted a message on the Facebook group to see what the options are here. I do know how to set up a WordPress blog would like to see what they recommend for plug ins and the like.

It does seem too early in the course as I’ve not chosen a domain name or got hosting.

I think I’ll stop here for today and wait to see what answers I get from the Facebook group.

I’ve managed to get started with researching my niches, narrowing it down and moving on to the next stage. But have hit a bit of an obstacle for now.

My Thoughts To Date

I do like the Beginner’s Affiliate and Blogging Course overall but come up with a couple of issues –

(1) Narrowing down the niche – there could be some more explantaion on what to look for as a good niche in terms of numbers and keywords (I did figure it out) and how to use the free method. Based on the courses I’ve been through this is a difficult and frustrating step however it is explained.

(2) the lack of wordpress set up seems to me to be a big bit to be missing from the course for beginners. (it’s not that hard when you’ve done it the first time but can seem daunting when you’ve not done it before).

The rest of it has been very good so far, so I’m hoping the rest will be good – it does look like it will be from my quick scan.

It is what covered later on how to write bog posts that are engaging, get traffic and convert customers that is what is important- setting up your blog right helps but in the end it is writing valuable content that makes the difference.

It’s a pity to end this on a down note for now but I’m sure tomorrow will see a good step forward.


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