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BC StackToday, I’m back with something different from Blogging Concentrated – BC Stack that has been recommended and promoted by Pajama Affiliates.

I’d not head of this before but it is 65 products that are on offer for $27.00 for 5 days only – starting today. It is something that comes around once a year. I don’t know much about the people running it.

But, because it was promoted by Robin Cockrell from Pajama Affiliates and there is their product Affiliate Marketing MasterClass I thought it would be worth checking it out.

I’m not going to have change to do detailed reviews of the products included as I normally would due to it only being available for 5 days – I need time for sleep and living and working too.

But I want to give you an idea of what to expect.

Anyway …

The Sales Page

I’ve counted the courses and I get 71 plus 4 special time sensitive offers. From that scan down there did seem to be some interesting titles.  And there was the Pajama Affiliates course Affiliate Marketing Masterclass – that I already have (and paid more for) – and if you already have a blog that isn’t making what you wanted or want to earn more is worth paying the $27.

Interesting with that quick scan is the number of names I don’t recognize. There were some that do too.

Looking at the list of products here are few of the ones that interested me the most:

Jo Barnes : 30 Day List Building Funnel – This is something I need to do and this is a 30 day program to get it up and running

2 Blogging Concentrated Books – on how to structure your blog and things to change to your blog

Jennifer Smith – Developing An Image Standard – I like the sound of developing a blog brand that stands out.

Connie Ragen Green – Really Simple Content Marketing 
– I want to become a content machine! I’ve also heard of Connie but not sure from where.

Angus Nelson – Networking With Effectiveness and  Credibility – I need help with this – I’m one of those many introverts. So any help is always appreciated.

Carol Tice – Small Blog Big Income – this sounds interesting – $500k!

Alea Melham – Social Media Strategies – I definitely need help with this

Robin Cockrell & Lesley Stevens – Affiliate Marketing Class – Great course and as mentioned above I already have it.

Lena Gott – 17 Strategies I Used To Go From 17k to 350k views in 9 months – I’d like to have that traffic.

Nicole Christen – 5 Simple Ways to Fast Track Your Social Media Success – I’m picking out a lot of these – I need as much help as I can get with social media.

Rachel Miller – 101 Viral Titles – I always like to have help with writing more interesting headlines.

Clare Swindlehurst – Google Analytics Dashboards – I like the sound of this to see what is happening on your blog.

Kim Bealey – Introverted Entrepreneur
– Could be some good stuff in here to help me with my introverted issues in connecting and “spreading the news”

Mary Jaksch – Blog Writers Bootcamp – I’m always looking at how I can improve my writing skills – so this sounds just right for me.

Prerna Malik – Get More Customers , IncreaseTraffic
– who wouldn’t want more of that

Probably too much in that list to handle easily as it is. And there is more…

Convering the follow areas – self publishing books, kindle, food blogging, wordpress plugins, web design, ideas for blogs, virtual assistant business, PowerPoint for video, freelancing, SEO for bloggers,  Advanced SEO, how to hire help, marketing templates, marketing checklists, podcasting, twitter, productivity, pinterest, beginners guide to affiliate marketing, google slides, B2B, Facebook live and sell services online

It is a huge list. And there is plenty of what look like good things to get into to learn and get stuck into.

Then it’s on to the special offers  – you can a get a free .me domain for a year, a 5 day course on headlines starting on 25 July – sounds good, a couple of conferences that is very unlikely I’ll attend and then there is 1 month membership to social imageries – sounds intriguing but I’m not 100% sure what you get but it is free.

At the end of the page is an FAQ that actually has questions and answers that are useful to know. The biggest one for me was that you have until 31 August to download/access the products.  There’s also a little about the people who brought the stack together – they say they are the biggest training company – I’ve never heard of them and they have a podcast that Inc Magazine Like – never heard of the podcast either. Oh well.

The stack looks plenty good enough to buy

So I’m off to buy the stack.

The Buying Process

That worked pretty much how they said it would – I wasn’t attacked by any upsells or anything. Painless.

What You Get.

I’ll talk a little about this  – as I said at the top I’m not going to do a detailed implementation review.

You get an email with a link to the membership page where there is list of the links for you to access each of the products .

It starts with a video to let you know a little about the stack. There is some good ideas on how best to approach accessing and using the products. It is good advice and I’ll follow it even if I have this urge to download or access everything at once.

There are some other tabs that introduce some of the courses and memberships that Blogging Concentrated offer – I’ve quickly scanned but I’m not going to be spending any money on that.

That urge will probably lead to overwhelm and nothing get looked at properly with them just sitting on my computer drive or in my email. It’s much better to be structured and start with the product I think will help me the most.

There is a countdown timer on the page letting you know how long you have left until you can’t download or access the courses for free. It’s annoying seeing it.

I signed up for my first course Mary Jaksch – Blog Writers Bootcamp – that was painless I did have enter in an email address but that was it. It did take awhile to receive my email instructions but that aside it all went well. The course looks a good one too.

So far so good from quick sample of 1.

My Thoughts

The BC Stack is an impressive load of courses.

This is a lot of stuff and if there are a few good things in here as good as Affiliate Marketing Masterclass (I already have this) it is worth it and if you haven’t got it already it’s worth getting just for  that.

My view it is worth investing in. There is going to be some useful stuff in there. There seems to be a number of the courses from people who have actually made money online from things that don’t involve selling courses on how to make money online which is always good to see. I’d like to see longer access.

I think there are good courses here for beginners as well intermediate bloggers too wanting to learn and increase their earnings.

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