Bart Hennin’s How To Make Incredible Online Income By Simply Recommending Products Review

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In keeping with my Amazon season on this blog I’m going through Bart Hennin’s recent course How To Make An Incredible Income Online Simply By Recommending Products. I got this a few weeks ago but unfortunately I’ve not gone through it until now.

I had heard of Bart previously as the bonus included in Ninja Reviews was written by him. It was very good too giving plenty of tips on how to write a better review.

The Sales Page

Interesting sales page with some promises on making cashing with an “unemployed husband can do it” sub-head. Okay, I think I’ve seen this type of thing too often now. But, I’m sure it’s worth persevering if Erica recommends and if the bonus report I’ve seen is anything to go by.

It’s not the best looking sales page I’ve seen but I guess neither would be mine if it was my first go at it – continuing on.

It does have a lot of good stuff in it that I want to know about and get better at. I want to be able to improve my Amazon product reviews (on my Straight Line review site) that convert better and add more value. So this does sound good for me.

The bonuses look interesting too, especially the one about making money without a website – it could be something I do alongside my current projects if it helps move them forward or doesn’t take too much time.
So, for the promise of higher converting and better reviews I hit the buy button.

The Buying Process

This went very smoothly. There were no upsells to fight through to get to the product. It is delivered by way of zipfile for downloading on to your computer. It looks to be all pdf files. There are 7 of them including the bonuses. I’m going to start with the one that says …

Read Me First – Main Manual Part 1.

This is a 27 page pdf. The first 2 pages are title page and disclaimer after that it is on to the contents.

Next it is the introduction that explains what the course is about – it’s about increasing your conversion rates and will help you make money even if you are completely new. It sounds good so far.

The introduction covers how important conversion rates are to making an “incredible income online”. There is then some discussion on the bonuses where bonus 1 shows you how to find keywords and free resources for building a website. The 2nd bonus provides you with a way to make an income without a website, blog or email list. And there is a surprise bonus too.

Next we’re on to who this course is for – and I am covered in the list a couple of times at least. Bart then makes the point about conversion rates being important again and then gives some good detail backing this up with an interesting worked example to increase income by focusing on conversion rates as well as traffic.

Next up is a discussion on the affiliate marketing problem – that there are loads of other people trying to do the same thing. Bart makes some good points here on what you need to do to be in the best position to ensure people click through on your links to buy a product so you get paid a commission.

Now we’re on to the main part of the course (the background given so far has been very useful). What he describes here  is good stuff but I find it hard to do. Hopefully he’ll be providing some examples and tips on how to do this, although I think the course Ninja Reviews helps to cover off one of the points.

He gives a real life example to support his ideas here. Very interesting but I’m not sure how you get that to work online. Okay, the next section is how you do this online. This has got me thinking how I can incorporate this in to my reviews going forward especially as my reviews tend to be fairly dry with facts and descriptions of the product. This method certainly makes what you feel about the product more apparent and how it can help (or not) solve problems for the visitor. I think I’m going to be coming back to this part frequently to make sure I include it in my reviews.

Thought So Far.

Bart Hennin’s course How To Make An Incredible Income Online Simply By Recommending Products is definitely making me think and I’ve only just got through half way through Part 1. It is a very good complement to Erica Stone’s Ninja Review and other courses. I feel it is going to help  make my reviews more interesting  and useful to those reading which should then help with conversions.

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    • Ash on May 14, 2014 at 11:54 pm
    • Reply

    I bought it too, just for the second bonus though. It wasnt really something that interested me or I thought was that inventive I couldn’t think of myself. I guess the conversion stuff might come in handy though for one of the sites I am working on but I havent read it yet so that is yet to be seen.

    1. 1.1

      I think the bonus was okay but not for me. The main manual was much better and has me striving for better reviews and adding value.

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