Barbara Ling’s Covert Niche Authority Review Part 1- A 3-Step Authority Blueprint

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I’d heard of Barbara Ling before but I can’t see any products of bought before sitting on my computer – surprising as I’ve bought so many courses in my time. Anyway, her new course Covert Niche Authority was recommended by Tiffany Lambert (creator of the Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome amongst other things) And if Tiffany recommends something I think it’s worth checking out.

The Sales Page

The sales page is an easy read without too much hype, fluff and nonsense. It is fun in short.  It looks like it is all about using Google to position yourself as an expert. There’s an example of how Barbara uses the information she has got from Google to be seen as an expert on the Warrior Forum.

The idea is that before lots of people will buy from you or through you they need to trust you and think you know what you are talking about and they see you as an authority.

The rest of the sales letter is laid out giving you a good overview of what you are going to get which does look interesting and she has some interesting credentials. It looks to me it will help me with getting this blog better known and my Straight Line review site too.

So I hit the buy button.

The Buying Process

This is straightforward through the WSO process, then there are a few up sells to navigate through – a couple look interesting but I manage to bypass them almost – I take a look at the Gold package and take her up on the offer.

After that you get taken to a download page where you can enter your email address if you want, there’s a webinar to sign up for – that I signed up to – and your download link.

You download a zipfile that has the main guide pdf and bonus pdf.

Getting Started On The Main Guide

The main guide is a 45 page pdf. The first few pages are taken up with the cover, table of contents, acknowledgements and disclaimers.

The introduction re-emphasizes the importance of people knowing and trusting you to increase your income. The answer is being an authority and the course will show you how you can use Google to make you that go to person. It goes into more than just typing in your search into the search box. (I certainly hope it does show something more than that,) It’s easy too.

Step 1 Before You Begin – Go Beyond Google Basic

It starts off with a neat trick showing Barbara’s authority in a niche. Then it goes through the standard search techniques and then it’s on to the advanced techniques that will help you to seem smarter than everyone else and this will be how you grow your authority.

Next we’re on to the Google resources that are going to help you in uncovering the nuggets of information and resources in your niche. There is a good image and explanation of what each part of the resource is for. There is then a good example on how you can use it to uncover resources that people will find useful and show you as someone who know what they are talking about. It is a method that Barbara says she’s been using since 1997 with great success. I can see this working very well.

Next it is on to more techniques on using Google to bring back specific information in different ways. There are some really clever ideas here that can help to reduce the irrelevant stuff that gets returned and just have stuff that is relevant. There are some interesting examples on the search results you can get back using this.

Then it’s on to putting the different searches together to get more results and there are more examples of how Barbara has used the information she has found to help answer forum member’s questions.  I like this as it means you can do this fairly quickly and add value to the person asking the question and you can look good to and help to get people to your site. This looks to be a good quick way to help your site get visitors from forums etc.

That’s it for now I’m going to do some testing and see what I can come up with.

My Initial Thoughts

There is some interesting and useful stuff in here. Some of it I’ve used before but I’ve not been very purposeful in it’s use for helping others to build authority in a niche. And there are some I’ve never heard of. It is a well put together PDF with good images and diagrams to help you understand what you are going to do.

So far I think Covert Niche Authority is going to be very valuable in building my authority for this blog and my amazon review site.



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