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Barbara Ling has just brought out a new a course in her beginners marketing series – Volume 2 called Beginners SEO Authority Profits. As I got some good tips out of Volume 1 I thought I’d check out the next installment even though I’m not a complete beginner I thought there might be some good information in here.

The Sales Page

It looks similar to the page from Barbara’s previous course. It says it’s for beginners but I do like to learn more about SEO. (I find it interesting and frustrating seeing my posts for my Straight Line site slowly going up the rankings (and falling back) without building links).

It seems this is similar to the previous course from what I’m reading here but focused on SEO. There is also a bonus webinar and a mobile app – that sounds interesting. I think I’ll take a look and hopefully I’ll get some good tips on how I can improve my SEO knowledge and become an expert too.

The Buying Process

This all went smoothly with Warrior Plus and PayPal. You do get an upsell offer of a done for your resources if you want. Then it’s through to the download page where you sign up for a Webinar, updates and download your product and some bonuses. You get a zip file that contains the guide and a text file Read Me. The Read Me says you will get the App when it is available and reminds you to download your product and sign up for the webinar.

The Guide

The guide is a 33 page PDF. The first few pages are cover, acknowledgement, disclaimer and contents before you get to the introduction.  The course is going to follow the same series of steps as Volume 1.

You go through the same process of installing a free app for sharing information. I had a bit of trouble when installing this – it took a few attempts before I got it up and running – it is a bit buggy but you can get there in the end. Next is on how to be in a position to be at the forefront of breaking news. There is an app or program for this to. It’s quite straightforward to install but could do with some work on making it easier – but it is free. (It’s the same one as in Volume 1)

Then there is a good list of blogs and communities you can use to get started reading and sharing to improve your SEO knowledge and be seen as an expert. Next it is on how to monetize this information using affiliate products. Then we are on to using it. This is nice and simple. The ide is over time your authority will grow as you become seen as a source of great information. It finishes with a checklist to get you started and then there is some information on who Barbara Ling is and some other resources you might be interested in.

My Thoughts  

Beginners SEO Authority Profits is good course and works well on it own. It is great for beginners. It does show you the best places for information on SEO – which is good to read as a beginner and also gives you a way to share that quickly to help build your own reputation.

The method itself is the same as the one shown in Volume 1 – so in that respect it repeats it. However, you do get some good resources you can share and learn from that are specific to SEO – it does save you the time of finding them yourself.

So, if you want to build up your knowledge and/or become an authority in SEO this is a good place to start.


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