Azon SEO Master Review Part 2

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Today, I’m going through the second part of my review of Azon SEO Master by Ryan Stevenson. I’ve got some good stuff out of the course so far.

SEO is not something I’ve not mastered yet – although I’ve managed to rank for keywords it has been short lived and I’ve seen my sites and pages plummet to page 10 and beyond. I’m looking for this course to have some techniques with staying power, as I’m not a fan of having to keep on building new sites to keep a head of Google. On to the course

Video 5 Google Search Engine Competition Research Introduction

He goes through his method of determining competition for his main keyword and his experience of ranking for keywords with different levels of competition. It is a good walkthrough.

Video 6 Google Search Engine Direct Competition Research

This one looks at what your competition might be and how a focused web site can compete and who the real competition is and the analysis he does. There are some good insights into checking out your direct competition and what you need to do to beat them and get in to position 1.

Video 7 Google Trends: Annual Keyword Trends Research

This is about what he does before registering a keyword for domain after he has checked out the competition. He goes through how he looks at Google trends to determine if the volume he saw in the keyword planner. There are some good ideas on how to use the information presented to make you mind up about a niche keyword.

Video 8 Google Trends: Popularity By Location & Relational Niche Research

This continues on looking at Google trends. There are good explanations of the information presented on your niche and looking at alternative keywords for the niche. Ryan goes into what you need to consider for selection of the niche and keyword.

Video 9 Domain Name Selection Strategies: Exact Match & Branded Domains

In this video Ryan talks about exact match domain names and brand name domains – what they are and how to choose one for your site. There are some good tips here on picking a name – which is something I always struggle with.

Video 10 Bulk Exact Match Domain Availability Search Without Software

This is interesting as finding exact match domain names that are available can be long and boring. It is a good way of doing it and wasn’t aware you could do this. It could be a real time saver.

Video 11 Initial Site Topic Planning & Organization

This is an interesting video and is too short. I would have liked to see more discussed on this point. It seem to have just got going and then stopped.

The videos appear to be part of a longer course broken down to more manageable parts. It does work well for the most part.

You also get a 28 page PDF guide. I should have read this first as he says that is the best way to do it. This is a good guide and does help to give you a good understanding on Ryan’s approach to keyword and niche research.

My Thoughts

Azon SEO Master works well with Ryan’s Azon Niche Master. It follows on in showing you what to do after you have selected a niche to see if is viable. It does a good job of showing you how to pick the primary word for your site and gives you some good ideas on what you can use for secondary keywords. The approach to SEO appears to be to select good keywords and content rather than back linking. It’s good to see how Ryan thinks through picking the primary keyword for his site and it is something that is straightforward to implement.


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