Azon Niche Master Review Part 1 – Ryan Stevenson’s Research Course

I got Azon Niche Master by Ryan Stevenson a few weeks because of an email I received a few weeks ago. I have been trying to keep my buying impulses in check but this one got through for a couple of reasons because I thought it might have good information for my Straight Line review site and also might help in picking products and keywords for RAM campaigns. But it’s just sat collecting dust in my JVZoo account until now.

First off, I want to take another look at the …

Sales Page

It starts with an informative video. I like what he has to say about how to pick niches and build sites. It’s about 6 minutes long which is about right. It’s great to see it’s not one of those sales videos that never seem to get to the point after 30 minutes. So that’s a tick.

From the sales page there are 22 videos in the course – if they are like the one I just watched I think it will be a good course. It seems the videos are based on a course he was offering for $497.

As well as the videos there are 2 bonuses that look interesting. They look like they’ll fit well with the videos. After this there is a list of the videos you get and they look interesting.

The Buying Process

Once you’ve gone through and bought there are 4 different up sells to navigate through. I didn’t really look at them on my way to getting access. Apart from that they buying process went smoothly and you are taken to a membership site.

What You Get

There is a single page which lists 3 other products you can buy id you want. One of them looks interesting but I’ll look at the later possibly. Next are the bonus ebooks which I’ll take a look at later, and then there are videos which you can view online or download on to your computer to view offline.

I’m going to look at them online.

Video 1 Azon Niche Master Introduction

It’s just over 5 minutes long. This goes through Ryan’s strategy for building a site for Amazon affiliate. It ties in well with my ideas of adding value for your visitors. He wants to build valuable sites that last. I like what he has ro say in this one.

Video 2 Amazon Product Selection Overview

This one is just over 6 minutes long. This is the same video that is on the sales page. I’m going to move on.

Video 3 How to Choose a Low Competition Amazon Niche

This is just over 5 minutes long. And this is where he starts to get down to some detail on what to look for building a site around. The sites he builds are smaller than the one I am building. Interesting see a different way to create a site – these smaller sites could work well with successful RAM campaigns

Video 4 Amazon Search Result Filtering Strategies

This video is just under 6 minutes long. It shows a good way to reduce competition by using the filters at the side of the Amazon site. I’ve checked out using this and I’ve got some more product ideas for my site.

Video 5 How to Find New Products BEFORE They’re Available on Amazon

This is just over 3 minutes. It’s a good idea but I don’t really have the opportunity to use this method unfortunately. It might be something I could do later when I’m doing this full time.

Video 6 Browsing Amazon Category Products

There’s a good explanation here about how Amazon works and talks about a product characteristic I hadn’t thought about as being an advantage. It’s just over 4 minutes long.

Video 7 Exploring an Amazon Product: Introduction, Brand Exploration & Product Options

This is has some good information on looking at the product features on a product picture. It is clear and easy to follow. It is 3 and ½ minutes long.

Video 8 Exploring an Amazon Product: Review Ratings & Researching Additional Products

There is a very good tip here on getting ideas using the reviews – it’s more than just using them to write your own reviews. It is digging a little deeper. It is just over 3 minutes long.

Thoughts So Far

I was initially put off by seeing it was delivered by video but so far I’m enjoying Azon Niche Master. The videos are short and to the point and do a good job of explaining Amazon especially for the beginner but there are some tips for those that have been doing it for a while like myself. I’m going to use these tips on my Amazon review site when looking at products to add to it even though his strategy is different it can be adapted to fit with what I am doing and it looks to me it is something I could do alongside my Straight Line site.



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